Silver Wings Carried Us Over the Sea

The wedding went well…or so I think!  lol  I’m married, that’s what matters most, eh?  We had a great day–and hope that all our guests did as well!

Ireland was amazing….I have lots to write, and tons of pictures to share–literally.  In fact I’m downloading the first of my 2 4GB memory cards as I type–this first one has over 1,000 photos on it!  Of course, I don’t think all of them will be worth saving–I know I blurred some shots.  Kinda hard not to when shooting from a touring coach!

I will be sharing all kinds of photos and stories soon.  Right now we’re focusing on recovering from jet lag.  (My body is still on Ireland time–which is five hours ahead of us now, and we were up for 24 hours traveling yesterday.  Crazy!!!)  Tomorrow we take Hannah Rose on our familymoon–which means, you guessed it, more photos!!!

For those curious souls–I am writing this from Michigan, and not Ireland!!!  I did NOT want to leave–but my husband made some good arguments for me coming home.  That and I did not have the funds to stay!  (Even though Irish immigration stamped my passport and said I could stay for 30 days!!!)

All this to say, we’re home now–for the moment; and lots more to come soon!


We Can Has Wedding

It’s official–we can now get married. I picked up our marriage license today.

The chapel’s paid for.

Everything else is garnish at this point.

Of course, I like garnish so it’s all good!

Final vendor payments go out soon.

I have my dress. Hannah Rose has her dress. Erin has her dress. And we all have shoes and accessories. A girl’s got to have accessories, right?

Menu’s figured out. Simple Irish country fayre. We’re NOT doing Corned beef (although I do enjoy corned beef). Corned beef is an American-Irish thing. We’ll be serving Celtic Spiced Beef, an older more traditional Irish dish (that’s similar to corned beef, but some say better!) I’ve managed to get the bar to serve some select Irish spirits. (Open bar of course!)

Favours are done. Have most everything I need for decorating for the reception.

Chris and I have been taking Irish step dancing lessons, in our spare time. lmao! I know–what spare time? Debbie Freeman, my seamstress, also teaches Irish step dancing and she’s awesome! Hannah Rose has started Irish step dancing lessons as well on Fridays after school. It’s a lot of fun–but a lot of work, too!

I’ve got more things crossed off my to do list than not at this point. Now if I only I could stop adding to the list, I think I’d really be making progress!

My bestest friend, Erin, (who is also my matron of honour) will be singing at the wedding. It’s a song I heard oh so many years ago but find it absolutely amazing even to this day, and the sentiment is exactly what we want: I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman. It’s a song he wrote for his wife. Erin is an amazing singer, although she does still get a wee bit nervous. Her voice is heavenly–and I have loved listening to her sing for over 21 years now! I count myself lucky that she’s agreed to sing at the wedding. If I were the crying kind–just thinking about it would make me tear up!

We’ve decided last minute (for a number of reasons) to hire a videographer. I got a ton of recommendations from a lot of wonderful knotties on the Detroit board. Course, less than 30 days out–most places were booked for our date. Seems it’s a popular date. We were able to find a videographer that came highly recommended and whom we could afford (budgets–gotta hate ’em!). Ready for the Irony (yes, capital lettter is right!)? Shamrock Video Productions. We were lucky to get him, too. He had had a wedding booked for our date but it was postponed so he had an opening.

We got a package from the tour company the other day for our honeymoon. Carry-on bags, luggage tags, rain protection, map, guide book, itinerary, and TICKETS!!! Woohoo!!! Good thing we were able to book early on–the cost of the air fare alone (for both of us) is now twice the cost of the entire trip for the both of us. Eeek!!!

And the kicker–Yes, Chris is Irish, too! Well, part Irish. Aunt Karen’s been doing some family research and there’s Irish on Chris’s mom’s side of the family. Hannah Rose is very happy about this! Seems all her toys and possessions are now part Irish as well. Why? How? She declared them so!

As you can imagine, we’ve been busy. And busier is still to come!

Wake Me Up When June Ends

I know, I know.  That’s not how the song goes.

I’m well aware the song says, “Wake me up when September ends,” and had I forgotten that–I have a lil five year old walking around the house singing the song to remind me.

But I have no real issues with September.  Overall, it’s a decent month.  There’s a day in there somewhere I wouldn’t mind skipping…but September itself–decent month.  Summer’s coming to a close–which means the hot weather’s going to be ending soon.  School starts back up.  It’s the month before my wedding (and honeymoon to Ireland).  Like I said, September’s a decent chap of a month.

June, on the other hand, that’s an animal of a different species.  Not even of this world.  (It’s that far removed from a decent month like September.)  You guessed it–I do NOT like June.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away–I liked it fine.  After all, it’s the beginning of summer: swimming, summer vacation, playing outside all day every day.  Or so it used to be.

Now–it’s just June.  And I would much prefer it if you’d just wake me up when the month is over and done with.  Sadly, I know I can’t sleep that much.  Especially this time of year–too much sunlight which means my insomnia is usually worse.

So why the lack of love-affair going on with June?  Too many many painful anniversaries throughout the month:  Mom’s birthday, anniversary of her death, and her wedding anniversary to my step-father just for starters.

Granted, not everything bad that has happened to me has occurred in June–although sometimes it certainly feels that way.  It does seem as if June is a portent for all things bad.  So, being June–bad things are destined to happened.  I know, I know–one could accuse me of superstitious thinking.  They’d not be wrong.  And I’d counter with the thought that superstitions have come about for valid reasons.

So what to do?  I obviously can’t sleep the month through.  I don’t have the answer.  Chris asked me the other day how we can make June a better month for me?  I don’t have the answer to that question either.  Part of me, the part that dreads the approach and arrival of this month every year, says nothing can be done.  June is June.  Part of me thinks perhaps, maybe, things can change.  Maybe June won’t always be the horrible demon of a month it now is.  I don’t know.

I’m definitely open to advice.  And to any initiatives that can remove June from the calendar.

In Better News

This afternoon Chris got a call from the Twisted Shamrock.  Our wedding rings had arrived from Ireland.  (And a few weeks ahead of when we were expecting them.)   Because of my dentist appointment, we couldn’t pick them up until this evening.  My appointment ran longer than we expected–and it looked as if we wouldn’t be able to arrive at the Twisted Shamrock until closing–or a few minutes before. 

We called them up and told them the situation and before we could even ask if they’d be willing to wait a few extra minutes for us–they offered.  Which was awesome.  We got there a few minutes after 7 pm.  We didn’t even have to pay for parking–there was still time on the meter! 

The rings are absolutely gorgeous.  I don’t have pics of them but when I get them taken, I’ll post them–although I doubt pics will do them justice.  We had to try to them on to make sure they fit–and both are a perfect fit. 

Chris’s ring is simply elegant.  Platinum suits him.  ~smiles~  The combo of my wedding ring and engagement ring is just stunning. 

I have to say that I love the folks at the Twisted Shamrock.  They’re the nicest bunch of people you can find anywhere.  Yes, I know I’m a bit biased cause they specialize in all Irish merchandise–but not all Irish stores are the same.  I’ve been to several now including the Twisted Shamrock–and it doesn’t get better than the Twisted Shamrock.

So that’s another thing off the wedding to-do list–we’ve our rings.  We’ve also gotten the best man’s gift, I’ve gotten a wax seal for the invitations, and we’ve got our champagne flutes for the reception (they’re made by Galway crystal and have trinity knots on them….Galway crystal just started a new line with the trinity knots on them!). 

Special Delivery, etc.

WooHoo!!!  Our invitations arrived via UPS today–and they look pretty!!! 

I  also got my horseshoe pin today.  It’s gorgeous!  Whatcha think???

In other new, I survived my periodontist appointment today.  He cleaned the upper right and lower right quadrants of my mouth.  Only took klonopin, gas, and lots of numbing medication.  Those needles hurt!!!!  My teeth hurt still.  Most of the numbness is gone, though.  (My appt. was a 3 pm…)  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  I go back next Tuesday to get the left side of my mouth done.  I am NOT looking forward to it.  In fact, I’d like to get out of it all together.  Did I ever mention I was NOT a fan of dentists?  For the record–I’m not!  (Truth be told I was terrified and the dentist wasn’t sure he was going to be able to do the procedure on me–until he turned on the gas.)  I was thinking I’d probably have to have prescription mouthwash–but I don’t.  Instead I have to use Listerine.  Ick!  I’ve been using Crest’s alcohol free flavour cause I don’t like the burn.  But what can I do?  Doctor’s orders…

Oh, and as we were leaving the dentist’s office….there was an old couple sitting in a bench by the front doors.  (The office was in a building with several suites)  He said, “They must be leaving that special dentist’s office.  They’re walking like they’re dead.” 

Wedding Website

We have a wedding website…I’ll still do updates here, but it’s a place where you’ll be able to go to get the whole scoop on the wedding in one place!

Here’s the addy:

Have to run for now.  (Oh, and I’m still building the site–so don’t despair!)

We Have Cake

Or we will have cake, to be precise.  We met with our baker, Shiela, saturday.  Her website is Sweet Little Shiela’s. We got to sample some very yummy cakes today. 

We decided to go with two cakes.  The traditional cake (or bride’s cake) is going to be white cake with lemon filling and buttercream frosting.  It’s sumptuous!  It’ll have 3 layers.  The frosting will be white and on the bottom layer will be shamrocks.  The second layer will have celtic knotwork.  The third layer will have trinity knots! 

We’re also have a groom’s cake–we couldn’t resist.  It’s a chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling.  It’s going to look like a can of Guinness.  In fact, I have a pic of what it’s going to look like since she’s already made one before! 

As you can see from her website, her work is beautiful and I can attest to how tasty things are!!!  She definitely has a reccomendation from me!!

So that’s one thing more crossed off our list.  Only 50 million to go in just over six months!  We’re hoping to book the reception site this weekend.  (Still no idea where that will be.)  And we’re planning on shopping for/ordering our wedding bands this weekend as well.  It’ll be a busy weekend for us. 

Happy Anniversary, John and Kay!!!

I’m still feeling under the weather, which is saying a lot considering how low the temperature is out!!!  Still, today is a very special day and I couldn’t let it pass without saying anything about it.

I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day…ok, so since today is Valentine’s Day, I’m not talking strictly about Valentine’s Day.  I’m talking about what happened on Valentine’s Day, and not just on any Valentine’s Day–but Valentine’s Day 38 years ago:  Chris’s parents, John and Kay, were married.

That’s right!  Today is their 38th Wedding Anniversary! 

38 years together–that’s quite an accomplishment!  It’s also a legacy Chris and I are planning to continue.  (Of course, it would be rather dumb of us to go into a marriage planning on breaking up in a few years or what have you!!!  lol) 

We won’t be seeing them to give them our congratulations and good wishes for another 38 years in person, today.  (We care about them too much to get them sick!)  We’re very happy for them, and dare I say–proud that they’ve been able to make it together this far in spite of all of life’s difficulties!  It’s AWESOME!

 Happy Anniversary John and Kay!!!!  We love you and are looking forward to celebrating many many more anniversaries with you!!!!

Wedding Update #2

We decided on colours–Green and Gold.  Yay!  Only took me forever! 

Part of my hesitation in picking green was that it’s considered bad luck!  It surprises people that for a traditional Irish wedding green would be considered bad luck, but it is.  Here’s why–fairies.  I’m going to call them the Gentry from here-on out because using the “f” word tends to get there attention, and that’s not always a good thing!  ~winks~  The Gentry are mischievious.  They love beautiful things.  Nothing, NOTHING, is more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day.  Green attracks the Gentry.  What do they do with beautiful things?  Steal them, of course!!!  You don’t want a bride to be taken away on her wedding day by the Gentry–so you avoid green. 

I have decided to buck tradition in this particular case, and so Green it is!  With my red-hair and white Irish skin, I’m considered Gentry-born as is.  (All creatures who are red and white are considered so.  i.e.  White pitbull with red ears, etc.)  So, that will either protect me or attrack them all the more!  However, I’m not worried!  ~smiles~

We’ve scoped out a possible reception site not too far from the wedding chapel–but I’m not 100% sold on it yet.  We want to check out a few more sites first.  I know what I really want, but it’s not feasible.  I want the Celtic Room at Conor O’Neill’s!  But that’s in Ann Arbor.  (The only other Conor O’Neill’s in the US is in Boulder, CO…and that’s even less practical!) 

I’ve contacted a baker–she specializes in Celtic cakes.  I have an appt. with her next month. 

I also go back to see my dress-maker next month!  I’m excited about that!

I contacted the photographer Chris and I wanted to use.  However, he’s retired due to health reasons.  He gave me a recommendation so I’m going to follow up with that.

My bestest friend, Erin, is going to be the matron of honour!  (We’ve been friends for over 20 years now–scary, huh, E?)  Chris’s cousin, Mike, is going to be the best man! 

I’m waiting to hear back from my dad as to whether or not he’ll be able to attend the ceremony.  (He lives in Cali.)

There’s lots more to do and plan…and we’re working on it!

Wedding Update

The chapel is booked!!!  The ceremony will be at the Victoria Wedding Chapel in Waterford, MI.  They have a website for those who want to check it out:  Here’s a couple of pics of the Chapel, both the indoors and the outdoors:

It’s absolutely beautiful!  It will accomodate up to 50 guests.  We haven’t booked a reception site yet.  That’s to come.

The date of the wedding will be Saturday 25 October 2008 at 1 pm.  Ideally, we’d like to have it outside.  However, October in Michigan is well…October in Michigan!  There’s no telling what the weather will be!  It could be a beautiful, sunny, warm Autumn day or it could be a blizzard.  lmao!  So, if the weather’s good enough we’ll have the wedding outside, otherwise it’ll be inside in the chapel.

We’ve also decided to forego the unity candle part of the ceremony in favour of a sand ceremony.  We really like the symbolism of it.  There are typically 3 glass containers, two filled with sand each a different colour and an empty one.  Each colour of sand represents both the bride and groom.  You alternate pouring the sand into the empty container to show how your lives have mixed to become one, while still maintaining the essence of who you are.  We will be able to add a fourth container so that Hannah Rose will be able to pour in her own colour of sand as well.  I’m really excited about this!  I really wanted something to include her in the ceremony not least because we’re becoming a family. 

 There is a lot more to plan and get ready for!  But I’m not feeling as overwhelmed about all the planning as I was prior to getting the ceremony site booked.