Last weekend was Hannah Rose’s karate-thon.  She competed in a number of events to earn stars that can be sewn on the pant-legs of her karate uniform.

We arrived late–she went to dance class prior to karate–so she missed out on the running events.  Instead of giving out all the awards at once, they would do a couple of events and then pass out awards.  We arrived in time for the running event awards to be passed out.  Hannah Rose was upset at first, because she thought she was not going to get any stars–and she had been looking forward to that.  She used that motivation going into the next events:  push-ups and sit-ups.


Hannah Rose went on to take 1st place in her category for push-ups.  She did 33 of them, surpassing the amount done by other 1st place winners in older age groups.  She came in 2nd place for sit-ups doing 20 of them.  She had put such effort into doing her push-ups that afterwards, tears were streaming down her red face.  She also won a special award–for showing such extreme motivation after being so worried and concerned (about not getting any stars).

She went on to perform her karate forms.  This first video is her doing her Kata.

After her Kata, she did her Ju Kata Do (which was more free-form).

She took 3rd place for her Kata, and 2nd place for her Ju Kata Do.  All in all, the day netted her 5 new stars for her uniform.  This last week she earned another stripe for her belt, and she’s close to earning her next belt.  We are very very proud of how well she did.  She really enjoyed herself, and talks often about becoming a “junior leader” in karate.  She really looks up to the older, more accomplished kids and is eager to join their ranks.

Here she is receiving an award from Sensei Jaye, and you can see all her stars.