Sam is Detroit

Was checking some newsworthy items on-line, and came across something one of the local TV stations does.  Channel 4 does this “i am detroit” spot, where they interview local folks.  They had it advertised on a side-bar.  Thing is–I recognized the pic of the interviewee.  It’s Sam!  Sam who?  Sam Wolf, my amazing and talented tattoo artist!!

As some of you know, I’ve had all my tats done by the same artist.  Not only is his work incredible, he’s a great guy!

If you’re looking to have a tattoo done in the Metro Detroit area–you should go see Sam.  He’s working at Wholeshot Tattoo: 2743 Coolidge Hwy.; Berkley  (248) 543-SHOT

To see Sam’s TV Spot go to:  i am detroit


New Tat

I got a new tat this evening.  It’s done by the same artist that has done all my other tats–Sam Wolf.  He’s working out of the Wholeshot Tattoo Parlor out in Berkley (MI) now.

It hurt.  (Just like all the others).  I didn’t expect it not to.  I guess some people are lucky and don’t feel much pain with a tat.  Before getting it done Chris asked if I was nervous–and I said yeah, cause I knew it would hurt.  I called myself a wimp.  Chris disagreed.  He said a wimp wouldn’t be getting it done.

It turned out great!  Was under the needle for about 45 minutes or so.  It’s a tat of Bhrianna’s name–where the first letter is an illuminated letter like what you’d find in the book of Kells.