Holiday Reading A Hit!

At first, Hannah Rose was a little perplexed when I explained what we would be doing with the reading at night…the whole unwrapping “surprise” books for story time. Once she got it all straight in her head, she was happy. But not as happy as she was each night when she got to open a “present.” She loved it! Have to admit, we loved the look on her face each night. It was precious. I think it’s definitely going to be a repeat tradition next year.





Holiday Reading Tradition

Here in our household, reading is a big deal.  I’m a bonafide bookworm, and Chris is a big fan of books as well.  Every night Hannah Rose gets a book read to her as part of her bedtime routine.  Books aren’t just for bedtime, either.  We listen to audio books on the road, and read when we want–where we want.

Somewhere (I’ve no idea where) I came across an idea that we decided to make ours.  It’s a holiday reading tradition.

Here’s what we did:  We took Christmas books from Hannah Rose’s collection–one for every night she’ll be here for the holiday season, including Christmas night.  I wrapped each of the books.  Every night at story time, she’ll get to unwrap that evening’s book and we’ll read it!

We thought it’d be a great way to have fun, enjoy the holiday season, and reinforce the whole reading thing even more!  And it didn’t cost me any money!  We already had the books as well as wrapping paper left over from last year!

Sunday we’re going as a family to see the Nutcracker, so Saturday night’s story will be the Nutcracker!  And the story for Christmas night?  The Christmas Story…the story of the birth of Jesus.

I’ll let you know how it goes–but I think it’ll go well and will be something we do every year in our house.

If you’ve any great family holiday traditions, feel free to share!  We’re always open to great new ideas!

Busy Day

Have a busy day today–followed by a busy weekend. 

In just a few I’m headed out to take Hannah Rose out to lunch.  We’re going to Pizza Hut–she’s earned a free personal pizza through a reading program!  Yay! Hannah Rose.  After that we’re headed out to Northville to go a live musical version of the Velveteen Rabbit. 

After dropping her off at Chris’s parents, I’ll be meeting up with Chris here at home and then we’ll be heading off to The Twisted Shamrock.  We’re ordering our rings tonight, as well as starting our wedding registry there.

We’re hoping to get our reception site locked in this weekend as well.  I have an appt. for us to go see one venue on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night we’re going to a concert.  Sunday we’re doing more wedding planning. 

Somewhere in the midst of all of this I must remember to breathe!!!

I’m off!

Edit:  I spoke too soon!  Went to get directions to the theatre and turns out Metro Parent had the listing wrong–they’re not showing the play during the week anymore.  That was just for Spring Break, so Hannah Rose and I will head over to the Detroit Zoo after lunch since the weather’s not too fierce for me.  (Have to watch my sun exposure!!)