Silver Wings Carried Us Over the Sea

The wedding went well…or so I think!  lol  I’m married, that’s what matters most, eh?  We had a great day–and hope that all our guests did as well!

Ireland was amazing….I have lots to write, and tons of pictures to share–literally.  In fact I’m downloading the first of my 2 4GB memory cards as I type–this first one has over 1,000 photos on it!  Of course, I don’t think all of them will be worth saving–I know I blurred some shots.  Kinda hard not to when shooting from a touring coach!

I will be sharing all kinds of photos and stories soon.  Right now we’re focusing on recovering from jet lag.  (My body is still on Ireland time–which is five hours ahead of us now, and we were up for 24 hours traveling yesterday.  Crazy!!!)  Tomorrow we take Hannah Rose on our familymoon–which means, you guessed it, more photos!!!

For those curious souls–I am writing this from Michigan, and not Ireland!!!  I did NOT want to leave–but my husband made some good arguments for me coming home.  That and I did not have the funds to stay!  (Even though Irish immigration stamped my passport and said I could stay for 30 days!!!)

All this to say, we’re home now–for the moment; and lots more to come soon!


We Can Has Wedding

It’s official–we can now get married. I picked up our marriage license today.

The chapel’s paid for.

Everything else is garnish at this point.

Of course, I like garnish so it’s all good!

Final vendor payments go out soon.

I have my dress. Hannah Rose has her dress. Erin has her dress. And we all have shoes and accessories. A girl’s got to have accessories, right?

Menu’s figured out. Simple Irish country fayre. We’re NOT doing Corned beef (although I do enjoy corned beef). Corned beef is an American-Irish thing. We’ll be serving Celtic Spiced Beef, an older more traditional Irish dish (that’s similar to corned beef, but some say better!) I’ve managed to get the bar to serve some select Irish spirits. (Open bar of course!)

Favours are done. Have most everything I need for decorating for the reception.

Chris and I have been taking Irish step dancing lessons, in our spare time. lmao! I know–what spare time? Debbie Freeman, my seamstress, also teaches Irish step dancing and she’s awesome! Hannah Rose has started Irish step dancing lessons as well on Fridays after school. It’s a lot of fun–but a lot of work, too!

I’ve got more things crossed off my to do list than not at this point. Now if I only I could stop adding to the list, I think I’d really be making progress!

My bestest friend, Erin, (who is also my matron of honour) will be singing at the wedding. It’s a song I heard oh so many years ago but find it absolutely amazing even to this day, and the sentiment is exactly what we want: I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman. It’s a song he wrote for his wife. Erin is an amazing singer, although she does still get a wee bit nervous. Her voice is heavenly–and I have loved listening to her sing for over 21 years now! I count myself lucky that she’s agreed to sing at the wedding. If I were the crying kind–just thinking about it would make me tear up!

We’ve decided last minute (for a number of reasons) to hire a videographer. I got a ton of recommendations from a lot of wonderful knotties on the Detroit board. Course, less than 30 days out–most places were booked for our date. Seems it’s a popular date. We were able to find a videographer that came highly recommended and whom we could afford (budgets–gotta hate ’em!). Ready for the Irony (yes, capital lettter is right!)? Shamrock Video Productions. We were lucky to get him, too. He had had a wedding booked for our date but it was postponed so he had an opening.

We got a package from the tour company the other day for our honeymoon. Carry-on bags, luggage tags, rain protection, map, guide book, itinerary, and TICKETS!!! Woohoo!!! Good thing we were able to book early on–the cost of the air fare alone (for both of us) is now twice the cost of the entire trip for the both of us. Eeek!!!

And the kicker–Yes, Chris is Irish, too! Well, part Irish. Aunt Karen’s been doing some family research and there’s Irish on Chris’s mom’s side of the family. Hannah Rose is very happy about this! Seems all her toys and possessions are now part Irish as well. Why? How? She declared them so!

As you can imagine, we’ve been busy. And busier is still to come!

Ireland Bound!!!!


I have been dreaming and dreaming of going to Ireland for sooo long.  In six months, it will be a reality!!!  I will be setting foot on Irish soil, and staying there for 10 days!  (At least–I’ve been saying for as long as I’ve been wanting to go to Ireland that should I ever get there I may never leave!!!)

Excited?  Me?  No.  Beyond excited.  How often do dreams really come true?  Look at me–dreams coming true.  I’m marrying the man of my dreams–that alone is more than enough for me.  I’m getting a dream wedding.  And now a dream honeymoon.  A real honeymoon–and in Ireland!!!

This trip is a gift to Chris and I–our first wedding gift, at that!  It’s from his parents, John and Kay.  I am so grateful.  They are such kind, wonderful, and obviously generous people.  I am blessed to be able to join their family.  I owe them so much–it is their son after all who I am head over heels in love with and will be with for the rest of my days.  They could give me no greater gift than him.  This trip to Ireland, though, it ranks up there!!!! 

I have now gone past the giddy excited stage and am in stunned amazement.  The tears on my face now are tears of joy.  Could this really be my life???  It is and I am truly the luckiest woman in the world. 

John and Kay–thank you.  Thank you so much for this gift, but more thank you so much for your most wonderful son!!!  I love you both! 

Governmental Efficiency

Yes, I know that’s a paradox; a Utopian idea.  HOWEVER,  I got my passport today.

 I applied for it 15 days ago–including weekends and President’s Day.

I was told it would be 6-8 weeks before I got it, but 2 weeks!  Not bad!  And I didn’t even pay for express processing. 

So I can now legally leave (and re-enter) the country!  WooHoo!  I’ve been to Mexico…but I’ve yet to set foot in Canada, and I only live minutes away from it!  Maybe I can convince Chris that we should go to Canada if for no other reason than i can say I’ve been to Canada.  (He’s not too impressed with Canada…)

And maybe, just maybe….my dream of going to Ireland will become a reality.  I know Chris would like to take me there for our honeymoon–but we’ve a wedding to pay for, and a little girl to put through private school (hopefully–we’ll know soon if she gets accepted to the Detroit Waldorf School).

If only the rest of the government could be so efficient….  A girl can dream, can’t she???