Allergy Free!

It was almost a year ago when we entered the Wacky World of Food Allergies.

Fortune has smiled upon us.  More accurately, fortune has smiled on Hannah Rose.

She was recently retested for her food allergies and she tested back allergy free!  She was quite excited–as were we of course!

We’ve been gradually re-introducing milk and egg back into her diet.  She’s enjoying eating all her favourite foods that she couldn’t eat.  Last night was pizza night, and she was quite excited to have cheese on her pizza again.  (We had been making cheese-less pizza for pizza night, which actually isn’t bad.  But the cheese does serve a grand purpose–it keeps the sauce saucy and adheres your toppings to the pizza!)

This morning she tried Irish butter for the first time.  (Kerrygold–you can get it at Costco…you can’t buy better butter!!!)  She thought it very yummy.

She’s on schedule to start drinking milk and eating eggs again next week.

Looks like I won’t be needing my Allergy Free Cookbook anymore!

The best part about all of this is no longer needing to worry that she may have an adverse reaction if she accidentally ingested milk or egg.


What’s in YOUR Food?

Thinking of the wacky world of food allergies–thought I would start a conversation about wacky food combinations–you know the HUH?!?! you experience when you find out that whatever it is you (or your child) is allergic to is in something you NEVER expected it to be in–be it egg, milk, soy, peanuts, gluten, wheat, whatever…

Topping my list at the moment is the whole MILK in McDonald’s Fries thing.

I’ve also heard (though been unable to substantiate) that Big Boy Restaurants put pancake mix in scrambled eggs.

Could also be fun to do the opposite–for instance, did you know there is NO milk or eggs in Oreo Cookies?!  Hannah Rose was happy to find that one out!!!

Ingredients Lists for Food Allergens

The following pics are a couple examples of cut and carry sheets that you can get at Kids Health

They have a lot of good information on food allergies–including these great cut and carry sheets that help you interpret food ingredient labels more effectively.  It’s crazy–but “egg” isn’t always written as egg on ingredient lists.  It’s part of the fun here in the wacky world of food allergies!

Something we’re learning to do is to always read food labels.  Obviously.  And by always–that’s even on packages of food that we’ve read the ingredients on before and determined them to be “safe.”  Manufacturers sometimes change ingredients up.

Here I’ve pictured the cut and carry sheets for milk and egg, but they have them for others!

Hope some of you with food allergies (or kids with food allergies) find these useful.  I know we are!!!