Happy Easter!

We had lots of fun this Easter.  Saturday night we coloured Easter Eggs.  We went to our church’s Easter Service on Saturday afternoon with Chris’s dad.  Sunday Chris’s parents came over for Easter Dinner.  There was no wanting of Easter goodies in our home this year.  (Chris’s parents got Hannah Rose one of those HUGE baskets!)  Even Chris’s parents got some Easter Candy from See’s.  (Chris and I special ordered some See’s candies–they are no See’s Stores here in MI.  I hadn’t had See’s candies in years!)

Hannah Rose got to wear her special Easter Dress.  She picked it out herself from the Children’s Place.  In fact, she saw the dress across the store and made a beeline for it!  She wasn’t interested in looking or even considering other dresses.  This was the dress for her!

We had a good Easter, and we hope you all did too!!