I’m in love with…what?!?!?

Friday night, the three of us are driving in the car listening to XM 26.  The song, I’m in Love With a Girl comes on.  Hannah Rose declares that she loves the song…sings along heartily. After the song is over, she wants to sing us a song–her rendition of I’m in Love With a Girl.

Her 15 minute re-mix?  “I’m in Love With Declan.”  (A boy she knew in preschool).  It was hilarious.  This was the first time we’ve heard about her being in love with anyone, let alone Declan.  She misses him, cause she hasn’t played with him in a long time.  She wants to be with him forever.  He actually played with her, unlike some of the boys at school now who won’t play with girls.  All this made it into the song…including attending his birthday party and the fact that his last name is Irish so he’s probably part Irish like her!

Daddy was loving it!  Not!  It was hilarious and we had to work hard not to bust out laughing!  We arrive at our destination, and she finishes her song only to realize she’s left a part out and wants to start all over from the beginning.  Daddy said not now.  lol

Then on Saturday she was talking about falling in love with Declan.  I asked her what that meant–she had no idea.  But she knew she had fallen in love with Declan.

Now, I’ll admit–I was boy crazy early on.  End of kindergarten.  But I don’t think she’s officially boy crazy just yet.  I think it’s more to do with popular culture….Disney movies, love songs, and oh yeah–the whole wedding thing going on right now.  Or so we hope.  She’ll have more than plenty of time for boy crazy days and falling in love.  But she only has so many days to be a little girl.


We Can Has Wedding

It’s official–we can now get married. I picked up our marriage license today.

The chapel’s paid for.

Everything else is garnish at this point.

Of course, I like garnish so it’s all good!

Final vendor payments go out soon.

I have my dress. Hannah Rose has her dress. Erin has her dress. And we all have shoes and accessories. A girl’s got to have accessories, right?

Menu’s figured out. Simple Irish country fayre. We’re NOT doing Corned beef (although I do enjoy corned beef). Corned beef is an American-Irish thing. We’ll be serving Celtic Spiced Beef, an older more traditional Irish dish (that’s similar to corned beef, but some say better!) I’ve managed to get the bar to serve some select Irish spirits. (Open bar of course!)

Favours are done. Have most everything I need for decorating for the reception.

Chris and I have been taking Irish step dancing lessons, in our spare time. lmao! I know–what spare time? Debbie Freeman, my seamstress, also teaches Irish step dancing and she’s awesome! Hannah Rose has started Irish step dancing lessons as well on Fridays after school. It’s a lot of fun–but a lot of work, too!

I’ve got more things crossed off my to do list than not at this point. Now if I only I could stop adding to the list, I think I’d really be making progress!

My bestest friend, Erin, (who is also my matron of honour) will be singing at the wedding. It’s a song I heard oh so many years ago but find it absolutely amazing even to this day, and the sentiment is exactly what we want: I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman. It’s a song he wrote for his wife. Erin is an amazing singer, although she does still get a wee bit nervous. Her voice is heavenly–and I have loved listening to her sing for over 21 years now! I count myself lucky that she’s agreed to sing at the wedding. If I were the crying kind–just thinking about it would make me tear up!

We’ve decided last minute (for a number of reasons) to hire a videographer. I got a ton of recommendations from a lot of wonderful knotties on the Detroit board. Course, less than 30 days out–most places were booked for our date. Seems it’s a popular date. We were able to find a videographer that came highly recommended and whom we could afford (budgets–gotta hate ’em!). Ready for the Irony (yes, capital lettter is right!)? Shamrock Video Productions. We were lucky to get him, too. He had had a wedding booked for our date but it was postponed so he had an opening.

We got a package from the tour company the other day for our honeymoon. Carry-on bags, luggage tags, rain protection, map, guide book, itinerary, and TICKETS!!! Woohoo!!! Good thing we were able to book early on–the cost of the air fare alone (for both of us) is now twice the cost of the entire trip for the both of us. Eeek!!!

And the kicker–Yes, Chris is Irish, too! Well, part Irish. Aunt Karen’s been doing some family research and there’s Irish on Chris’s mom’s side of the family. Hannah Rose is very happy about this! Seems all her toys and possessions are now part Irish as well. Why? How? She declared them so!

As you can imagine, we’ve been busy. And busier is still to come!

Girls Aren’t Yucky

Hannah Rose started kindergarten last week.  So far, she likes it a lot.  However, she has run into something she does NOT like too much.  The boys don’t want to play with the girls.

This really bothers her, and I can understand why.  We were talking about this whole issue and how the boys think the girls are yucky.

I say to her, “Girls aren’t yucky are they?”  She readily agrees, “No!  They’re not yucky.  They’re clean!”


Let Them Eat Cake!

I know I’ve been MIA lately–it’s all the wedding planning, I tell you!!!

With Hannah Rose being allergic to milk and egg–she can’t eat any of our wedding cake.  (Our ring-bearer is also allergic to egg).  So I was on the hunt for something they could have that would be yummy–I just haven’t the time to whip up some cupcakes from scratch for them.

Enter Divvies.

They make cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, and candies–all Peanut-Free, Tree Nut Free, Egg Free, and Dairy Free.  They’re out of NY–but ship all over the country.  So we thought we’d give them a try.

We ordered chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting.  (You do know that Hannah Rose is a girlie-girl, yes??)  They arrived in 3 days.  They were well packaged.  They sell their cupcakes a dozen at a time, and they came with a generous sized tub of frosting and sprinkles.

The taste?  Like mine–which is to say they were good.  They’re a bit more crumbly than your normal cupcake, but I noticed the same thing when I started making egg-free cupcakes.

The price?  It’s a bit on the high side for cupcakes–but for some occasions it will definitely be money well spent–like our wedding.  And yeah–we’ll be getting chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting.  Figured why not?  There’s the bride’s cake, the groom’s cake–why can’t we have flower girl (daughter of the groom) cupcakes???

If you don’t want to go the ordering route, and would rather some a few bucks and make the cupcakes yourself–there’s a great cookbook I’d recommend: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

And Kristine, thanks for the link to Divvies!  You’re a life-saver!!

Meme RPG Class?

Stole this from my friend Mightyix

Your result for The RPG Class Test…


33% Combativeness, 60% Sneakiness, 74% Intellect, 64% Spirituality

Sneaky, cunning, and spiritual: You are a Druid!
Druids work with nature to cast their spells and favor balance over extremes. They’re shapeshifters, capable of taking the forms of natural creatures. While they don’t always deal well with people, they do have animal companions to come to their aid.
You are probably intelligent, spiritual, and more than a little deceptive. Fortunately, your lack of violent tendencies means you are also likely to be level-headed.

Have to say I was a bit surprised at this one…thought I was more rogue-ish!


“Marriage: When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that they will remain in that excited, abnormal, and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part.”

~George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950 (Irish Dramatist)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the next Harry Potter flick!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The movie’s release date is 21 November 2008.

Our Karate-kick Ballerina

Last weekend we took Hannah Rose for a photo shoot.  She’s been doing both Karate and Dance (Ballet and Tap) for some time now, and we wanted to commemorate these parts of her life.  Plus, she’s so cute–how could we resist pictures????

When booking the appointment, I informed them there would be an outfit change.  The girl on the phone was surprised and impressed to hear Hannah Rose has been doing both Karate and Ballet.

The pics we ordered are due in 1 August.  We got some individual shots in sepia as well as a couple of larger prints with multiple images.

In addition to our pics, we get small images electronically…probably to entice us (or friends and family) to buy more pics!

Free Books!

I gladly interrupt my daily chores to bring good news to y’all!!

I was checking to see if Brandon Sanderson had posted any new annotations to his Mistborn series of books over at his website, when I noticed his latest blog entry:  Free Mistborn Ebook! (Again)

Apparently, I missed it the first time around, but the lovely people over at Tor having been handing out free eBooks!  How can a self-respecting bibliophile pass up something like this?  Seems they were handing out one a week-but for a limited time only (until 27 July!!!) you can get all of them–for FREE!!!  They have them in a variety of formats, and are also offering up quite a bit of artwork.

Don’t delay–rush over to Tor today and grab those books!!!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Brandon Sanderson’s work–may I strongly suggest that you at the very least download his Mistborn book–it’s the first in a trilogy, the last of which is due out this October.  The first two books were awesome and we’re looking forward to the release of the third!  He’s the author who is writing A Memory of Light, which will complete Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series!


I am not the child I once was.

A statement that on its face is very obvious. Those who know me well will know that I have a penchant for stating the obvious. It sometimes amazes me how people can over-look the obvious; or assume that because it’s obvious, it’s simple. Obvious does not equate simple.

So what does this less than enigmatic statement reveal? What am I trying to express? I’m so glad you asked!!!

I don’t take kindly to threats.

Threatening me or mine (especially mine!) isn’t a very wise course of action. Now, when I was a child–that very same child I no longer am–if you threatened me or mine, you saw an instantaneous response. A flash of anger, perhaps rage–I’d go on the defensive, or offensive. I reacted. Often with little thought or consideration.

Not so these days. No, these days I’m more prone to hold my tongue, hold my actions, think, and prepare a response. I don’t go off half-cocked like I used to as a kid. That’s not to say I ignore such threats. I don’t. I don’t take them lightly. And I certainly don’t forget they were made.

As a child, I was powerless. Or pretty damn near so. I wasn’t always capable of dealing with threats to me or my family well–so I did the best I could. I was about as effective as using a sledgehammer to nail a finishing nail. Got the job done, but it wasn’t always pretty–and sometimes you were left with bigger holes in your furniture than that caused by the tiny nail.

I am no longer powerless.

Threats have been made.

I’m not so foolish as to post details and the like on a public blog. (That’s part of the whole “not being the child I was” thing)

No matter what course of action is taken in response to these threats (and inaction is an action, and can be quite powerful in its own right)…I will not forget that threats were made. I am not so foolhardy as to simply dismiss such actions. What trust there was, is now gone.

Those who’ve known me longest–aren’t you amazed at much I’ve matured???  ~grins~

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