Sam is Detroit

Was checking some newsworthy items on-line, and came across something one of the local TV stations does.  Channel 4 does this “i am detroit” spot, where they interview local folks.  They had it advertised on a side-bar.  Thing is–I recognized the pic of the interviewee.  It’s Sam!  Sam who?  Sam Wolf, my amazing and talented tattoo artist!!

As some of you know, I’ve had all my tats done by the same artist.  Not only is his work incredible, he’s a great guy!

If you’re looking to have a tattoo done in the Metro Detroit area–you should go see Sam.  He’s working at Wholeshot Tattoo: 2743 Coolidge Hwy.; Berkley  (248) 543-SHOT

To see Sam’s TV Spot go to:  i am detroit


Silver Wings Carried Us Over the Sea

The wedding went well…or so I think!  lol  I’m married, that’s what matters most, eh?  We had a great day–and hope that all our guests did as well!

Ireland was amazing….I have lots to write, and tons of pictures to share–literally.  In fact I’m downloading the first of my 2 4GB memory cards as I type–this first one has over 1,000 photos on it!  Of course, I don’t think all of them will be worth saving–I know I blurred some shots.  Kinda hard not to when shooting from a touring coach!

I will be sharing all kinds of photos and stories soon.  Right now we’re focusing on recovering from jet lag.  (My body is still on Ireland time–which is five hours ahead of us now, and we were up for 24 hours traveling yesterday.  Crazy!!!)  Tomorrow we take Hannah Rose on our familymoon–which means, you guessed it, more photos!!!

For those curious souls–I am writing this from Michigan, and not Ireland!!!  I did NOT want to leave–but my husband made some good arguments for me coming home.  That and I did not have the funds to stay!  (Even though Irish immigration stamped my passport and said I could stay for 30 days!!!)

All this to say, we’re home now–for the moment; and lots more to come soon!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the next Harry Potter flick!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The movie’s release date is 21 November 2008.


I am not the child I once was.

A statement that on its face is very obvious. Those who know me well will know that I have a penchant for stating the obvious. It sometimes amazes me how people can over-look the obvious; or assume that because it’s obvious, it’s simple. Obvious does not equate simple.

So what does this less than enigmatic statement reveal? What am I trying to express? I’m so glad you asked!!!

I don’t take kindly to threats.

Threatening me or mine (especially mine!) isn’t a very wise course of action. Now, when I was a child–that very same child I no longer am–if you threatened me or mine, you saw an instantaneous response. A flash of anger, perhaps rage–I’d go on the defensive, or offensive. I reacted. Often with little thought or consideration.

Not so these days. No, these days I’m more prone to hold my tongue, hold my actions, think, and prepare a response. I don’t go off half-cocked like I used to as a kid. That’s not to say I ignore such threats. I don’t. I don’t take them lightly. And I certainly don’t forget they were made.

As a child, I was powerless. Or pretty damn near so. I wasn’t always capable of dealing with threats to me or my family well–so I did the best I could. I was about as effective as using a sledgehammer to nail a finishing nail. Got the job done, but it wasn’t always pretty–and sometimes you were left with bigger holes in your furniture than that caused by the tiny nail.

I am no longer powerless.

Threats have been made.

I’m not so foolish as to post details and the like on a public blog. (That’s part of the whole “not being the child I was” thing)

No matter what course of action is taken in response to these threats (and inaction is an action, and can be quite powerful in its own right)…I will not forget that threats were made. I am not so foolhardy as to simply dismiss such actions. What trust there was, is now gone.

Those who’ve known me longest–aren’t you amazed at much I’ve matured???  ~grins~

June has not Won–Yet!

Thus far, I’ve managed to avoid being swallowed whole by the month of June.  Thus far.  The month is not yet over–and experience has taught me that June has a strong reach!

In spite of June, life goes on.  As it must.  Dishes need scrubbing.  Laundry needs washing and folding–and to be put away!  Sheets must be changed.  Floors want vacuumed.  Sinks and toilets want sanitized.  The cat and people must be fed.

To which today, I am making marinara sauce from scratch.  Not for the cat–for the people.

I learned how to make it back in Junior High.  When my folks would make it–you could count on it never tasting the same way twice.  They’d use what was on hand–didn’t have a set recipe.  Mine is more consistent in the taste–probably cause I’m more consistent in how I make it.  Although, like them I don’t use a written recipe–and I don’t know how to make a small amount of sauce.  The sauce is extremely healthy and chockful of vegetables.  (For those of you who know me and/or Chris well–you’re probably wondering how that will go over.  Here’s the trick–a food processor!  There’s no vegetable chunks in the sauce, they’re all pureéd.)

Hannah Rose enjoyed the helping, which is great!  We like her to be helpful!!!  She thought the oregano in the food processor looked like “people walking.”

Days have been busy–and as I sometimes do, or technically–don’t, I’ve not written much lately.

Have to run for now–that whole life thing, and things must be done thing–not to mention a five year old running around the house, and enough sauce to feed a small army cooking on the stove all demand my attention!


This past weekend we took Hannah Rose to see the Broadway Musical, Oliver! Of course, it wasn’t on Broadway…it was a bit off off off off Broadway. Give or take an off or several.

It was put on by the Motor City Youth Theatre and Grantland Street Players in Livonia. (You can check out their website here )

We really enjoyed the show.  It had been far too long since I had been to the theatre–any sort, really.  Hannah Rose seemed to enjoy it–she said her favourite parts were when “the man’s foot got stepped on.”  She also liked it when Oliver pulled out a very long stream of hankies from Fagin’s pocket, and then fell on his bum.  She was incredibly well behaved during the show.

The director did a great job with the cast.  Working with kids is not always easy–but when it’s done well, it’s a pleasure for everyone!  As far as the cast went–the young girl who played Dodger stood out by leaps and bounds.

Even Chris–who hates musicals and isn’t that much of a live theatre fan (yet! ~wink, wink~) enjoyed the production.  Which, if you know him, is saying more than A LOT!

The theatre space was small and intimate.  The cast was almost as large as the audience!  It looked like the building had at one time been perhaps a small church.  I liked the set, and the costumes were great.  I was a little surprised to see actors doing double duty as stage-hands, but I know that’s not unheard of.

The story–it’s a great story, as long as you’re not reading Charles Dickens’ version thereof.  I was going to say I can’t think of any adaptation of a Charles Dickens’ novel that I haven’t enjoyed–but then I remembered that Great Expectations movie we were forced to watch back in high school.  I didn’t care much for that.  With that exception, I think his stories are great.  I just hate the way he tells them.  I know there are a lot of Charles Dickens fans out there–and I may get yelled at for saying so, but I don’t think he was a good writer.  OK, OK, to say I don’t think he was a good writer is putting it mildly to say the least.  And it’s probably a little silly how passionately I dislike the man’s writing.  But there you have it folks–my honest opinion:  Charles Dickens’ stories are great, the way he tells them not so great!

Driving after the theatre, Hannah Rose yawns loudly and declares, “I’m not tired.”  Chris laughed so hard at that, she did it several more times before arriving home.  She likes laughing and making other people laugh every bit as much as he does!

Quote of the Day

“I wasn’t a child at 13, were you?”

~Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1930-1999 (American Writer)

Dentist Update

I posted a copy of the letter I sent to my dentist.

He did indeed respond.  He called me on Tuesday of last week.  I’ll admit–just hearing his voice had me a bit panicked.  He said that he understood that I had a lot of anxiety and stress, named me a dental-phobe.  He said about the time it took–that sometimes it takes longer, especially if he has to make hygiene checks on other patients.  I told him I understood that, it was just that with everything else that took place it became overwhelming.  He apologized for the comment his assistant made.  Said it was insensitive.  He showed her the letter and intends on having her apologize to me in person.

He definitely wants me back for my follow-up appt. on June 11.  It is important, I agree.  But I do NOT like dentists!!!

While he did not particularly enjoy getting my letter–he was glad that I had communicated with him, otherwise he would not know what’s going on and couldn’t address it.

At this point in time, I plan on keeping my next appointment with him.  (Ask me on the 11th and I may be singing a different tune!)

I didn’t much care for him referring to me as a dental-phobe.  But that has more to do with my sometimes very exacting semantics.  I won’t argue that I have a dental phobia.  However, I do not much care to be labeled as a dental-phobe.  I’ll stop there.  For now.

Quote of the Day

“Jeane Dixon tells us that May and June are going to be pretty bad. June may be worse than May. But everything will turn out to be fine and to be of stout heart and all that.”

~Rose Mary Woods, 1917-2005

Wake Me Up When June Ends

I know, I know.  That’s not how the song goes.

I’m well aware the song says, “Wake me up when September ends,” and had I forgotten that–I have a lil five year old walking around the house singing the song to remind me.

But I have no real issues with September.  Overall, it’s a decent month.  There’s a day in there somewhere I wouldn’t mind skipping…but September itself–decent month.  Summer’s coming to a close–which means the hot weather’s going to be ending soon.  School starts back up.  It’s the month before my wedding (and honeymoon to Ireland).  Like I said, September’s a decent chap of a month.

June, on the other hand, that’s an animal of a different species.  Not even of this world.  (It’s that far removed from a decent month like September.)  You guessed it–I do NOT like June.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away–I liked it fine.  After all, it’s the beginning of summer: swimming, summer vacation, playing outside all day every day.  Or so it used to be.

Now–it’s just June.  And I would much prefer it if you’d just wake me up when the month is over and done with.  Sadly, I know I can’t sleep that much.  Especially this time of year–too much sunlight which means my insomnia is usually worse.

So why the lack of love-affair going on with June?  Too many many painful anniversaries throughout the month:  Mom’s birthday, anniversary of her death, and her wedding anniversary to my step-father just for starters.

Granted, not everything bad that has happened to me has occurred in June–although sometimes it certainly feels that way.  It does seem as if June is a portent for all things bad.  So, being June–bad things are destined to happened.  I know, I know–one could accuse me of superstitious thinking.  They’d not be wrong.  And I’d counter with the thought that superstitions have come about for valid reasons.

So what to do?  I obviously can’t sleep the month through.  I don’t have the answer.  Chris asked me the other day how we can make June a better month for me?  I don’t have the answer to that question either.  Part of me, the part that dreads the approach and arrival of this month every year, says nothing can be done.  June is June.  Part of me thinks perhaps, maybe, things can change.  Maybe June won’t always be the horrible demon of a month it now is.  I don’t know.

I’m definitely open to advice.  And to any initiatives that can remove June from the calendar.

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