Brother Sun Sister Moon

Sorry, no St. Francis here today.  Perhaps another day.  (If you understood that–you deserve a prize!)

Yesterday driving home from school in the afternoon, Hannah Rose noticed the moon was already out.

Why was it out?  According to Hannah Rose, “it wanted to visit the sun.”


I’m in love with…what?!?!?

Friday night, the three of us are driving in the car listening to XM 26.  The song, I’m in Love With a Girl comes on.  Hannah Rose declares that she loves the song…sings along heartily. After the song is over, she wants to sing us a song–her rendition of I’m in Love With a Girl.

Her 15 minute re-mix?  “I’m in Love With Declan.”  (A boy she knew in preschool).  It was hilarious.  This was the first time we’ve heard about her being in love with anyone, let alone Declan.  She misses him, cause she hasn’t played with him in a long time.  She wants to be with him forever.  He actually played with her, unlike some of the boys at school now who won’t play with girls.  All this made it into the song…including attending his birthday party and the fact that his last name is Irish so he’s probably part Irish like her!

Daddy was loving it!  Not!  It was hilarious and we had to work hard not to bust out laughing!  We arrive at our destination, and she finishes her song only to realize she’s left a part out and wants to start all over from the beginning.  Daddy said not now.  lol

Then on Saturday she was talking about falling in love with Declan.  I asked her what that meant–she had no idea.  But she knew she had fallen in love with Declan.

Now, I’ll admit–I was boy crazy early on.  End of kindergarten.  But I don’t think she’s officially boy crazy just yet.  I think it’s more to do with popular culture….Disney movies, love songs, and oh yeah–the whole wedding thing going on right now.  Or so we hope.  She’ll have more than plenty of time for boy crazy days and falling in love.  But she only has so many days to be a little girl.

Girls Aren’t Yucky

Hannah Rose started kindergarten last week.  So far, she likes it a lot.  However, she has run into something she does NOT like too much.  The boys don’t want to play with the girls.

This really bothers her, and I can understand why.  We were talking about this whole issue and how the boys think the girls are yucky.

I say to her, “Girls aren’t yucky are they?”  She readily agrees, “No!  They’re not yucky.  They’re clean!”



Hannah Rose was on the phone with her pappy and was talking about the upcoming wedding.  She’s excited we’re going to see our seamstress, Debbie Freeman, tomorrow.  She told Pappy that she was going to be the Flower Girl, and then went on to talk about her cousin’s role in the wedding.

“He’s the ring barrel.”

Actually, that would be ring bearer.

And if you’re curious about the title of this post–check out some of the latest words added to the dictionary.

“My Daddy makes that noise!”

Hannah Rose called me today, and since my phone was across the house and still on vibrate (oops!) I missed the call.  She left me a voicemail.  “Hi Brenda.  The tortilla maker made a noise that my daddy makes.  Bye-bye.  I love you.”

Seems she’s rather impressed with this–she’s been talking about it a lot since Friday.  While on her vacation with her mom, she went to her uncle’s house.  His girlfriend and Hannah Rose made tortillas Friday.  (Strangely enough–I, too, was making tortillas Friday.  At about the same time.  Talk about strange coincidences!)  Anyway, seems she has one of those tortilla presses that also cooks the tortillas (I use a traditional comal)–and the press emitted a noise.  Hannah Rose announced that her daddy makes that noise!  Her uncle started to explain to her how we all make that noise sometimes (thinking she was referring to flatulence).  Only, that’s not what Hannah Rose was referring to.  ~laughing~  I guess her mom explained a bit….  Chris likes making funny faces and funny noises–often combining the two.  Hannah Rose of course loves it!  (She definitely has his sense of humour!)  She was referring to one of his particular face/noise combos.

They didn’t get in until late this evening so we’ll be picking up Hannah Rose tomorrow.  I’ve no doubt she’ll want daddy to make the tortilla noise.

Water Is Wet

Thursday, Hannah Rose’s mother called me asking a favour.  She needed someone to take her to the shop to pick her up parents’ car for them (they were out of town).  I met her at her parents’ house and drove her and Hannah Rose down to the shop.  As things turned out, the car seat was not in her parents’ car as expected so I drove Hannah Rose back to her parents’ house for her.  It was an interesting drive back.

To begin with,  Hannah Rose was asking where Daddy was.  I said, “At work.”  She wanted to know why he had to work.  Told her the basics–to provide for our family, so we could have the nice things we enjoy, our house, and so she could go to Waldorf for kindergarten.  She then started prattling on about Waldorf and how excited she is to being going there for kindergarten.  She also told me that she was five now (as if I might have forgotten ~smiles~), and went on to list some of her preschool classmates who are now five as well.

As far as why I was following her mother back to her grandparents–it was obvious to her.  “Cause you can’t have two adults, a kid, and a car in one car.”  I told her she was right–her grandparents’ car would not fit in my trunk!!!  (You must appreciate the logic!)

Then somehow the swimming pool came up (ours opens up soon), which of course led to the whole “water is wet” conversation.  You see, a couple of months ago when I went to dry her hair after her bath–I feigned surprise at water being wet.  Shock, really.  I questioned the whole concept of water being wet and why that is–and why would anyone ever want to be wet?  She thought it was hilarious.  Plus, I think she enjoyed telling me how water is meant to be wet and that for water to not be wet is just wrong.  That was a couple of months ago–and you’d think would be a one-time thing, right?  Ah, but you’d be wrong!!!

We’ve had the “water is wet” conversation countless times since.  That first time, I instigated the conversation.  Every time since she has instigated it–and of course, I must find the idea of water being wet just as incredulous as I did that first time!!!  It really is quite funny. 

Harry Potter Bible

Last week I finally found my display case down in the basement.  Once I found my display case I put my autographed Harry Potter book out.  (That was my first birthday present from Chris!) 

When Hannah Rose arrived Wednesday night, she was scoping the place with her eagle eyes looking for any changes in anything.  She noticed my book and asked, “Is that a Harry Potter Bible?”

Uh……no.  It’s a Harry Potter book signed by the author.  “Oh.” 

I should have asked what a Harry Potter Bible is….but I didn’t.  Where that came from–your guess is as good as mine!

MY Family

Hannah Rose tells me often that she is so glad that I’m part of her family now.

However, when I say I love my family–she insists it’s not my family, it’s HER family.  Tried explaining to her that her family and my family are the same.  She refuses.  No.  “It’s MY family,” is her reply! 

~sigh~  Perhaps Xaxu really is her brother as she says…after all, this is something he would say!  (Cause everything belongs to Xaxu, including us–just ask him!)

Stickers for Love

Hannah Rose was passing out stickers last night.  Chris thought he’d be funny and asked if he got his sticker for going potty by himself (Hannah Rose recently had a chart where she got stickers for going potty by herself).  She said no!  Thought he was silly and told us we got stickers for falling in love with each other.

More Kid-isms!

Hannah Rose decided to start counting.  She was counting how old Xaxu is today (11) and then decided to keep counting how old he would be.  After 39, she said 30-10, 30-11, 30-12….I told her 30-10 was 40.  So she counted through the forties.  When she got to 49, it then became 40-10.  Told her 40-10 was 50.  Counted through the fifties, and yes…you guessed it 59, 50-10!  Told her 50-10 was 60.  Have to love the logic!!!

Then later she tells me that boys have a noggin and girls have a be.  I ask her what a noggin is, and she says, “I don’t know.”  I ask her what a be is and she says it’s in her head.  I ask if I have a be…and she says yes, it’s in your head.  She tells me she learned this at her Waldorf school.  By this point, I’m like—huh????

She then elaborates on her own…a little boy at Waldorf bumped her with his head, and the teacher said, “You hit her with your noggin.  Leave her be.” 

I tried explaining that noggin is another word for head, and that everyone has a noggin.  No.  Only boys have noggins.  I tried explaining that leaving someone be means to not bother them…like we were leaving Xaxu be at the moment.  She seemed to accept that, but at the same time is still adamant that boys have noggins and girls have bes. 

More?  Ok!  So she’s colouring  and putting stickers in her Tinkerbell journal–she calls it her journey.  And she’s named it Albert–like the good monster in the book we read last night.  So it’s her journal of her journey named Albert filled with little girl drawings. 

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