Love at first Dyson

Chris and I have been talking about getting a new vacuum cleaner for awhile.  The one I had was definitely better than the one he had, but it still wasn’t very adequate.  What’s worse is on this carpet (excepting the kitchen) the vacuum cleaner was very hard to use (and painful on my back and shoulder!).  It was supposed to be self-adjusting for different carpet types, but didn’t do so well.

We did a bit of research and finally decided to the get the Dyson DC15 Ball: Animal.  (Added bonus:  I had a coupon that let us save 20% off the cost at Bed, Bath and Beyond!) 

I love this new vacuum cleaner!  Those of you who have been so fortunate as to have Xaxu jump up on your lap know that he’s always shedding.  (No matter how much I brush him, either!)  This vacuum cleaner is supposed to be great for those with allergies (ME!) and with pets!  I vacuumed yesterday and could NOT believe the amount of stuff it got off this carpet!  It was pulling up stuff I couldn’t even see!!!  (Which is what you want in a vacuum cleaner, yes?)  It was also very easy to maneuver thanks to that innovative ball feature.

While Xaxu still does not like the vacuum, he didn’t run terrified from the room when I was using this one.  It’s not as loud as ones I’ve had before and I do believe the pitch is a bit different.

As an added bonus–it’s got a crazy crazy long cord.  I plug it in in the hallway, and I can vacuum the whole house without unplugging and replugging!!!

 3_m_dyson-animal-ball_m.jpg wht_dc15-animal.jpg