An Exercise in Futility

Chris and I voted this evening, for what it counts.  And in Michigan this year, it doesn’t count for much.

Long and short of it–Michigan decided it wanted to have more of a voice in choosing the Presidential candidates, so it moved the primary to 15 January.  Neither the Democratic nor the Republican party appreciated that.  Seems states aren’t supposed to do that.  Exercise their voice and pass laws and such.  The way the parties reacted, you’d think we were trying to secede!!!  No Democratic delegates will have a say at the Democratic convention.  And in fact, quite a number of candidates removed themselves from the ballot!!!  Apparently, the Michigan Legislature was contemplating a law that would require candidates to stay on the ballot.  There was at least one drop-out who threatened to sue were that the case. 

The Republican party decided to let Michigan have half its delegates.  So for Michigan Republicans, it’s not a complete waste of time.  Only a partial waste of time…after all, their voice only matters partially.

This whole debacle also affects those in the military (including those serving in Iraq) who are Michigan residents and registered voters of this state.  Yeah–they get to fight and possibly die to defend this country, but they sure don’t get a say in the running of it.  At least not this time. 

Messed up, huh?

So why did I vote?  I’ve been voting since I turned 18 and was legally allowed to vote.  (I went and voted with my friend Diana that first time since we both had the same polling place!)  I feel it is not only my right, but my duty to vote.  This country is a republic, and as an active citizen part of my role is to vote. 

Have to say, not liking the way my vote matters so little this time.  I think this is worse than Florida in 2000 (in some ways)…at least that was not by design.