Took the Vue in today for an oil change/60000 mile service.  Turned out it needs a new thermostat, spark plugs, and to have the coolant system flushed.  So, it was going to take an extra 4 hours or so not including the two I had already been there for.  (Wasn’t wasted time, I was able to get most of my homework done!)  The dealership offered me a shuttle ride home, I decided I’d take it.  If the car’s done early enough I’ll take the shuttle back otherwise Chris and  I will pick the car up after he gets off of work.

I take the shuttle ride home.  Tammy’s my driver–she’s really pleasant.  We have a nice conversation on the way here.  I say goodbye, get out and she leaves as I go to the door.  I reach for my keys to find they’re not there.  I had left my house keys with my car keys which were all at the dealership.  Oops!

I’m locked out.  Not the first time in my life I’ve been locked out of a house.  The first time in my life I’ve been locked out in when the temperature’s below 10 degrees, not including wind chill.  I call Chris who is busy at work.  At first he thought I was still in the car and he’d come let me in shortly.  (Fortunately, it only takes about 15 minutes or so to get from his work to here.)  When he realized I was outside–he said he be here as soon as he could.  About 20 minutes later, he gets here and I rush inside!

Did I mention that I was dressed like I grew up in Cali and NOT Michigan?  Yeah…wearing a pair of jeans, shoes with no socks (not even tennis shoes, but Skechers where part of my feet were exposed), short-sleeve shirt, leather jacket, NO hat, NO scarf, NO ear muffs–I did have gloves, thankfully!  (Even though they’re only the “magic” stretch kind–it was better than nothing!) 

20 minutes outside and my face looks and feels like it got a mild to moderate sunburn–granted, it’s not sunburn (more like coldburn!) but it has the same effect on my skin!  OUCH!  My lips hurt!  (My lips are especially sensitive to sunburn and apparently to the cold like this!!)

Fortunately, the wind wasn’t too crazy–at least not for most of the time I was out there. 

I’m warmed up now and am ok.  I don’t want to think how bad it would have been if Chris worked an hour or more away! 

Moral of the story–don’t be an eejit!!!