Meme RPG Class?

Stole this from my friend Mightyix

Your result for The RPG Class Test…


33% Combativeness, 60% Sneakiness, 74% Intellect, 64% Spirituality

Sneaky, cunning, and spiritual: You are a Druid!
Druids work with nature to cast their spells and favor balance over extremes. They’re shapeshifters, capable of taking the forms of natural creatures. While they don’t always deal well with people, they do have animal companions to come to their aid.
You are probably intelligent, spiritual, and more than a little deceptive. Fortunately, your lack of violent tendencies means you are also likely to be level-headed.

Have to say I was a bit surprised at this one…thought I was more rogue-ish!


1 Comment

  1. K'arn said,

    16 November 2008 at 1:24 am

    The thing to remember about playing a druid, is although what you can wildshape into can give you either speed, flight, reconnaissance, or great strength abilities you have to use your brain before you even think about using brawn. If you are being carried away by guards, and you have the wildshape ability turning into a bird is a waste of energy, but turning into a rhino isn’t. The lift you up they get flattened. If you have the stone skin spell, or can take a good about of damage fly as an eagle over your targets head and wildshape into something heavy and huge (remember in d&d 3.5 rules 10 feet up and every 200 pounds is a 1d6 damage to a max of 20d6). Think the druid spells are weak? constructs have to much DR and deal to much damage….? If your out side cast reverse gravity problem solved. With natural spell feat you can fly above the clouds and cast spells at enemies and they would never know it was you or where it came from especially spells like bombardment. When playing a druid you must combine what you have to be truly strong no one thing will make a druid formidable you must use every resource you have.

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