I am not the child I once was.

A statement that on its face is very obvious. Those who know me well will know that I have a penchant for stating the obvious. It sometimes amazes me how people can over-look the obvious; or assume that because it’s obvious, it’s simple. Obvious does not equate simple.

So what does this less than enigmatic statement reveal? What am I trying to express? I’m so glad you asked!!!

I don’t take kindly to threats.

Threatening me or mine (especially mine!) isn’t a very wise course of action. Now, when I was a child–that very same child I no longer am–if you threatened me or mine, you saw an instantaneous response. A flash of anger, perhaps rage–I’d go on the defensive, or offensive. I reacted. Often with little thought or consideration.

Not so these days. No, these days I’m more prone to hold my tongue, hold my actions, think, and prepare a response. I don’t go off half-cocked like I used to as a kid. That’s not to say I ignore such threats. I don’t. I don’t take them lightly. And I certainly don’t forget they were made.

As a child, I was powerless. Or pretty damn near so. I wasn’t always capable of dealing with threats to me or my family well–so I did the best I could. I was about as effective as using a sledgehammer to nail a finishing nail. Got the job done, but it wasn’t always pretty–and sometimes you were left with bigger holes in your furniture than that caused by the tiny nail.

I am no longer powerless.

Threats have been made.

I’m not so foolish as to post details and the like on a public blog. (That’s part of the whole “not being the child I was” thing)

No matter what course of action is taken in response to these threats (and inaction is an action, and can be quite powerful in its own right)…I will not forget that threats were made. I am not so foolhardy as to simply dismiss such actions. What trust there was, is now gone.

Those who’ve known me longest–aren’t you amazed at much I’ve matured???  ~grins~


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