Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the next Harry Potter flick!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The movie’s release date is 21 November 2008.


Our Karate-kick Ballerina

Last weekend we took Hannah Rose for a photo shoot.  She’s been doing both Karate and Dance (Ballet and Tap) for some time now, and we wanted to commemorate these parts of her life.  Plus, she’s so cute–how could we resist pictures????

When booking the appointment, I informed them there would be an outfit change.  The girl on the phone was surprised and impressed to hear Hannah Rose has been doing both Karate and Ballet.

The pics we ordered are due in 1 August.  We got some individual shots in sepia as well as a couple of larger prints with multiple images.

In addition to our pics, we get small images electronically…probably to entice us (or friends and family) to buy more pics!

Free Books!

I gladly interrupt my daily chores to bring good news to y’all!!

I was checking to see if Brandon Sanderson had posted any new annotations to his Mistborn series of books over at his website, when I noticed his latest blog entry:  Free Mistborn Ebook! (Again)

Apparently, I missed it the first time around, but the lovely people over at Tor having been handing out free eBooks!  How can a self-respecting bibliophile pass up something like this?  Seems they were handing out one a week-but for a limited time only (until 27 July!!!) you can get all of them–for FREE!!!  They have them in a variety of formats, and are also offering up quite a bit of artwork.

Don’t delay–rush over to Tor today and grab those books!!!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Brandon Sanderson’s work–may I strongly suggest that you at the very least download his Mistborn book–it’s the first in a trilogy, the last of which is due out this October.  The first two books were awesome and we’re looking forward to the release of the third!  He’s the author who is writing A Memory of Light, which will complete Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series!


I am not the child I once was.

A statement that on its face is very obvious. Those who know me well will know that I have a penchant for stating the obvious. It sometimes amazes me how people can over-look the obvious; or assume that because it’s obvious, it’s simple. Obvious does not equate simple.

So what does this less than enigmatic statement reveal? What am I trying to express? I’m so glad you asked!!!

I don’t take kindly to threats.

Threatening me or mine (especially mine!) isn’t a very wise course of action. Now, when I was a child–that very same child I no longer am–if you threatened me or mine, you saw an instantaneous response. A flash of anger, perhaps rage–I’d go on the defensive, or offensive. I reacted. Often with little thought or consideration.

Not so these days. No, these days I’m more prone to hold my tongue, hold my actions, think, and prepare a response. I don’t go off half-cocked like I used to as a kid. That’s not to say I ignore such threats. I don’t. I don’t take them lightly. And I certainly don’t forget they were made.

As a child, I was powerless. Or pretty damn near so. I wasn’t always capable of dealing with threats to me or my family well–so I did the best I could. I was about as effective as using a sledgehammer to nail a finishing nail. Got the job done, but it wasn’t always pretty–and sometimes you were left with bigger holes in your furniture than that caused by the tiny nail.

I am no longer powerless.

Threats have been made.

I’m not so foolish as to post details and the like on a public blog. (That’s part of the whole “not being the child I was” thing)

No matter what course of action is taken in response to these threats (and inaction is an action, and can be quite powerful in its own right)…I will not forget that threats were made. I am not so foolhardy as to simply dismiss such actions. What trust there was, is now gone.

Those who’ve known me longest–aren’t you amazed at much I’ve matured???  ~grins~

Our Budding Da Vinci

Hannah Rose surprised me today with a chalkboard rendering of E.V.E. and WALL-E. She drew these pictures by herself and completely from memory!

Here’s the first pic I shot:

Here’s the artist with her finished masterpiece. (It should be noted that on this one she incorporated different scenes from the movies…)

It’s interesting that she should do this today–because at dance camp, one of the things they did was to colour a picture of Hello Kitty in a tutu. She’s in a class for 3-5 year olds, and is a young 5. I got to see her picture today, as well as some of the other girl’s pictures. A number of them had coloured in the lines quite well. Hannah Rose had not. She’s still not colouring inside the lines.

That’s not to say that’s a bad thing–and indeed, I’ve not once actually encouraged her to colour inside the lines. I remember being her age, and working so hard to colour inside the lines like the older kids–and to outline everything in black as well. I’ve often wondered if I started colouring inside the lines too soon. When you look at a little kids picture, coloured in “crazy” colours and all over the place instead of traditional colours inside the lines–there’s a certain freedom there.

Kids grow up all too fast. Unless of course, you ask them. Hannah Rose is vascillating right now between wanting to never grow up and wanting to be grown up (so she can have a baby!). So while part of me is anxious to see the woman Hannah Rose will become, and to watch her on that journey–I’m not going to hurry her up along that path. She’s still a child, and while I’m not so idealistic as to believe in the perfect childhood for anyone–I want her to have a childhood.

My childhood ended at the age of 5….and before that, it was hurried up tremendously. And while that’s one of the myriad of things that have created the me I now love, and have brought me to this life I’m now living–I don’t have to want that for her, or for any of our (future) children. I say let her colour out of the lines–for as long as she wants. Let her draw her cats with purple fur and her clouds pink.


Did a wordle of my blog, and this is what I got:

Nothin’ Like a Good Old Existential Meltdown

I recently found a new site–Not Always Right.  It’s got some hilarious stories there, and I have to highlight one:

Nothin’ Like A Good Old Existential Meltdown

(Confronted by a customer with an extremely high pitched voice and impenetrable Highland accent. This is one of those tiny old Scottish women with a headscarf nailed on and muscles like steel wires. They are a common sight in the East of Scotland, and are almost immortal. Only the slow action of the wind off the north sea will gradually erode them.)

Me: “That will be £***, please.”

Old Lady: “Areyenamerican?”

Me: “I beg your pardon?”

Old Lady: “Ah sid, are ye Namerican?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I missed that.”

Old Lady: “Are… ye… an… American?”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. I misheard you. No, I’m English.”

Old Lady: “Oh… why?”

(I have spent much of the last three years trying to come up with a satisfactory answer. As yet I have made no progress.)

Make Time for Story Time

We have story time every night before bed–that’s when Chris always reads a book to Hannah Rose.  But, there are sooo many good books out there that story time only at bedtime just isn’t enough.  I’m trying to read more with Hannah Rose during the day, but some days we’re just so busy.  Where do I find the time???

So I start thinking….(watch out, grab your fire extinguishers, and the like!)

Hannah Rose and I have been doing a lot of driving-and we’ll be doing a lot more driving in the near future. (An hour to her school, an hour home–or worse with accidents, snow storms, etc.) We don’t have a DVD system for the car, nor do we want one.

Then the thought occured to me: Audio books!!! I’ll enjoy them–and she’ll get introduced to a lot of great literature that way. It’s something to keep from total boredom in the car–for both of us, and it’s time well spent. I’m a huge bookworm, and there are so many books I want to introduce to her!!!

This last week we started with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. (She’s already a Harry Potter fan because of all my Harry Potter stuff. hehehe) Being only 5–we’re not going to introduce her to all the books yet, and she has yet to see any of the movies.

We picked up a few other audio books this weekend. Anne of Green Gables, A Wrinkle in Time, and the Chronicles of Narnia. That should keep us occupied for a few days! Once we’re done with Harry Potter, that is!  (Which should be soon, we’re on disc 5 and book one only has 7 discs if I’m not mistaken!)

I’m very excited about this. She’s really enjoying it too. Chris and I hope she develops a true love of books like we both have.


Hannah Rose was on the phone with her pappy and was talking about the upcoming wedding.  She’s excited we’re going to see our seamstress, Debbie Freeman, tomorrow.  She told Pappy that she was going to be the Flower Girl, and then went on to talk about her cousin’s role in the wedding.

“He’s the ring barrel.”

Actually, that would be ring bearer.

And if you’re curious about the title of this post–check out some of the latest words added to the dictionary.

The Wicked Witch Is Dead!!!

Yay!!!  June’s over!!!!  I survived another one!!!  And onto July celebrations.  We have Hannah Rose for a good chunk of this month, so we’ll be rather busy.  But it’s a good busy!

Today, we’re going over to Chris’s parents for a 4th of July BBQ and some fireworks.  When we told Hannah Rose last night that we were having fireworks today–she literally started jumping up and down in excitement.  Funny that!

We’re bringing the dessert–decided to make cupcakes sans dairy or eggs.  Thought I’d get a jump on things by doing them last night, but they got burnt on the bottoms, so I had to throw the whole batch out.  I’m using Ener G to substitute for the eggs…and that works fine, but the cupcakes don’t rise as much as normal.  I just took out my “replacement” cupcakes from the oven, and they look much better.  (I doubled the baking powder and baking soda and so they rose a bit more than they did last night.)

Tomorrow we’re headed out to The Henry Ford Greenfield Village’s Salute to America.  It should be lots of fun.  We’ll get to listen to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and at the end of the night watch an inspiring fireworks display!

This month is also Chris’s mom’s birthday–followed by my sister Brandy’s birthday.  Brandy’s is literally the day after Kay’s!

The weather’s supposed to be great for today and tomorrow which is a relief–especially considering all the thunderstorms that have been taking place.  We had another Wednesday night.  Which just happened to be the night Chris and I decided to go out and do a bunch of grocery shopping!!  We’re almost home and Chris says, “The topper to this night would be for our power to be out.”  The center by our house had power, so we thought we’d be ok.  Nope.  No power and a car full of perishables!  John and Kay to the rescue!!!!  They let us borrow some fridge and freezer space to save our newly bought perishables.  We were fortunate, power was only out for about six hours.

With that friends and family–I’m out for now.  Hope you all have a great 4th of July, or rather by the time you’re reading this that you HAD a great 4th of July!!!