June has not Won–Yet!

Thus far, I’ve managed to avoid being swallowed whole by the month of June.  Thus far.  The month is not yet over–and experience has taught me that June has a strong reach!

In spite of June, life goes on.  As it must.  Dishes need scrubbing.  Laundry needs washing and folding–and to be put away!  Sheets must be changed.  Floors want vacuumed.  Sinks and toilets want sanitized.  The cat and people must be fed.

To which today, I am making marinara sauce from scratch.  Not for the cat–for the people.

I learned how to make it back in Junior High.  When my folks would make it–you could count on it never tasting the same way twice.  They’d use what was on hand–didn’t have a set recipe.  Mine is more consistent in the taste–probably cause I’m more consistent in how I make it.  Although, like them I don’t use a written recipe–and I don’t know how to make a small amount of sauce.  The sauce is extremely healthy and chockful of vegetables.  (For those of you who know me and/or Chris well–you’re probably wondering how that will go over.  Here’s the trick–a food processor!  There’s no vegetable chunks in the sauce, they’re all pureéd.)

Hannah Rose enjoyed the helping, which is great!  We like her to be helpful!!!  She thought the oregano in the food processor looked like “people walking.”

Days have been busy–and as I sometimes do, or technically–don’t, I’ve not written much lately.

Have to run for now–that whole life thing, and things must be done thing–not to mention a five year old running around the house, and enough sauce to feed a small army cooking on the stove all demand my attention!



  1. Christopher said,

    21 June 2008 at 6:54 pm

    When I read the Tags for this one I thought I read “marijuana sauce.” No wonder I’m still hungry…. 😉

  2. bren said,

    21 June 2008 at 6:56 pm

    You are NOT still hungry!!!! I saw both you and Hannah Rose gobble down that pasta with marinara sauce on it! Brat!

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