Wake Me Up When June Ends

I know, I know.  That’s not how the song goes.

I’m well aware the song says, “Wake me up when September ends,” and had I forgotten that–I have a lil five year old walking around the house singing the song to remind me.

But I have no real issues with September.  Overall, it’s a decent month.  There’s a day in there somewhere I wouldn’t mind skipping…but September itself–decent month.  Summer’s coming to a close–which means the hot weather’s going to be ending soon.  School starts back up.  It’s the month before my wedding (and honeymoon to Ireland).  Like I said, September’s a decent chap of a month.

June, on the other hand, that’s an animal of a different species.  Not even of this world.  (It’s that far removed from a decent month like September.)  You guessed it–I do NOT like June.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away–I liked it fine.  After all, it’s the beginning of summer: swimming, summer vacation, playing outside all day every day.  Or so it used to be.

Now–it’s just June.  And I would much prefer it if you’d just wake me up when the month is over and done with.  Sadly, I know I can’t sleep that much.  Especially this time of year–too much sunlight which means my insomnia is usually worse.

So why the lack of love-affair going on with June?  Too many many painful anniversaries throughout the month:  Mom’s birthday, anniversary of her death, and her wedding anniversary to my step-father just for starters.

Granted, not everything bad that has happened to me has occurred in June–although sometimes it certainly feels that way.  It does seem as if June is a portent for all things bad.  So, being June–bad things are destined to happened.  I know, I know–one could accuse me of superstitious thinking.  They’d not be wrong.  And I’d counter with the thought that superstitions have come about for valid reasons.

So what to do?  I obviously can’t sleep the month through.  I don’t have the answer.  Chris asked me the other day how we can make June a better month for me?  I don’t have the answer to that question either.  Part of me, the part that dreads the approach and arrival of this month every year, says nothing can be done.  June is June.  Part of me thinks perhaps, maybe, things can change.  Maybe June won’t always be the horrible demon of a month it now is.  I don’t know.

I’m definitely open to advice.  And to any initiatives that can remove June from the calendar.


1 Comment

  1. leafless said,

    2 June 2008 at 1:57 pm

    There is an old proverb that states, “June is the eve before June.” A real nightmare.

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