Dentist Update

I posted a copy of the letter I sent to my dentist.

He did indeed respond.  He called me on Tuesday of last week.  I’ll admit–just hearing his voice had me a bit panicked.  He said that he understood that I had a lot of anxiety and stress, named me a dental-phobe.  He said about the time it took–that sometimes it takes longer, especially if he has to make hygiene checks on other patients.  I told him I understood that, it was just that with everything else that took place it became overwhelming.  He apologized for the comment his assistant made.  Said it was insensitive.  He showed her the letter and intends on having her apologize to me in person.

He definitely wants me back for my follow-up appt. on June 11.  It is important, I agree.  But I do NOT like dentists!!!

While he did not particularly enjoy getting my letter–he was glad that I had communicated with him, otherwise he would not know what’s going on and couldn’t address it.

At this point in time, I plan on keeping my next appointment with him.  (Ask me on the 11th and I may be singing a different tune!)

I didn’t much care for him referring to me as a dental-phobe.  But that has more to do with my sometimes very exacting semantics.  I won’t argue that I have a dental phobia.  However, I do not much care to be labeled as a dental-phobe.  I’ll stop there.  For now.


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  1. pinoyHP said,

    20 June 2008 at 3:38 pm

    You’re not alone.

    Many people rank “fear of dental care procedures” equal to fear of snakes, fear of heights, and even fear of death.

    In the long run, the dental appointment is temporary, just a few hours, however, the improved oral health lasts many years and has wide reaching health benefits.

    Kindof makes the appointment it worth it after all…

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