Water Is Wet

Thursday, Hannah Rose’s mother called me asking a favour.  She needed someone to take her to the shop to pick her up parents’ car for them (they were out of town).  I met her at her parents’ house and drove her and Hannah Rose down to the shop.  As things turned out, the car seat was not in her parents’ car as expected so I drove Hannah Rose back to her parents’ house for her.  It was an interesting drive back.

To begin with,  Hannah Rose was asking where Daddy was.  I said, “At work.”  She wanted to know why he had to work.  Told her the basics–to provide for our family, so we could have the nice things we enjoy, our house, and so she could go to Waldorf for kindergarten.  She then started prattling on about Waldorf and how excited she is to being going there for kindergarten.  She also told me that she was five now (as if I might have forgotten ~smiles~), and went on to list some of her preschool classmates who are now five as well.

As far as why I was following her mother back to her grandparents–it was obvious to her.  “Cause you can’t have two adults, a kid, and a car in one car.”  I told her she was right–her grandparents’ car would not fit in my trunk!!!  (You must appreciate the logic!)

Then somehow the swimming pool came up (ours opens up soon), which of course led to the whole “water is wet” conversation.  You see, a couple of months ago when I went to dry her hair after her bath–I feigned surprise at water being wet.  Shock, really.  I questioned the whole concept of water being wet and why that is–and why would anyone ever want to be wet?  She thought it was hilarious.  Plus, I think she enjoyed telling me how water is meant to be wet and that for water to not be wet is just wrong.  That was a couple of months ago–and you’d think would be a one-time thing, right?  Ah, but you’d be wrong!!!

We’ve had the “water is wet” conversation countless times since.  That first time, I instigated the conversation.  Every time since she has instigated it–and of course, I must find the idea of water being wet just as incredulous as I did that first time!!!  It really is quite funny. 


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