Prince Caspian

Last night, Chris and I saw the movie Prince Caspian!!!  It was awesome!!!  (Interestingly enough–it was also the sequel to the first movie we saw together: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.) 

I have to say so far they’ve done exceptionally well with these movies–and a good thing too.  I love the books.  They’re very special to me–my mother read them to my sister and I.  I was a bookworm–my mother was not.  In fact, she used to say she could count on one hand the number of books she had willingly read  for pleasure.  She didn’t read to me a lot.  But during the latter part of my elementary years, she decided to start reading to my sister and I.  We started with the Chronicles of Narnia.  I even remember going with her to the Christian Bookstore to purchase them.  Every night she would read aloud to us–and of course, I always wanted her to keep reading, but she’d stop and I couldn’t wait for the next day to find out what happened next.  (I wasn’t allowed to just read those books on my own, otherwise I would have!!!) 

My favourite character in that series has always been Reepicheep!  That mouse is beyond awesome!!!  In fact, I even had a stuffed mouse that I named Reepicheep.  I wonder whatever happened to him….  Truth be told, Reepicheep is one of my favourite literary characters of all time!  Crazy perhaps–but there you have it!

I do have one beef with the movie–and that was the minor romantic thing they threw in there between Queen Susan and Prince Caspian.  It didn’t really take away from the plot, but it was so Hollywood/Disney Princess Story-esque.  In short, it was just wrong!

Even with that, I loved the movie and totally recommend it.  I am looking forward to when Hannah Rose is old enough to watch the movies.  Of course, she’ll have to have read (or have had read to her) the books first.  That is the proper way to do it after all.  ~grins~

Long Live Reepicheep!!!  The cutest Knight of Narnia!!!!  ~laughs~  (I’d be in so much trouble if he ever read that line!!!)





  1. Kelly said,

    21 May 2008 at 9:02 pm

    hhmmm don’t shoot me but i’ve not seen a single harry potter or narnia,etc movie-nor read the books. just never could get into them.i may change that in a yr or so cause of jakob tho.

    but i thought the chronicles was a spin off and there was dispute that it was anti christian?

  2. bren said,

    21 May 2008 at 10:07 pm

    I won’t shoot you–cause then how could I get you to read the books, which is more important than seeing the movies, eh????

    Had not heard about any dispute over Chronicles being anti-Christian. The movies weren’t spin-offs, they were definitely based on the books. Granted, they weren’t identical to the books–but no movie ever is, no matter how close they come.

  3. patrick said,

    4 June 2008 at 12:55 pm

    the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story better than i would have expected… i had heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not the case

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