Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue…

Every bride must have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  But for an Irish bride, there’s more to tradition than old, new, borrowed, and blue.  I need a five-pence for my shoe.  I need a “magic” hanky–it’s the traditional bridal hanky that converts to a christening bonnet for baby and back to a hanky when that baby girl grows up to be married.  I need a horseshoe for good luck. 

I’ve got the new–my dress.

I’ve got the blue–I have blue in my newest tat. (I have it on good authority that that counts–and if I have to, I can paint my toenails blue.  Heck, I may do that anyway just cause.  I think my toenails look rather cute when painted up blue.)

I’ve got the old covered–and with it the horseshoe.  I’ve bought a vintage horseshoe pin (that has a shamrock on it, too).  It’s being shipped as I type and I should have it soon. 

I’ve got my five-pence for my shoe (a REAL Irish five-pence, thank you.  NO British six-pence for me, or some EU coin).  I’ve also got my “magic” hanky.

I don’t have the borrowed covered–at least not yet.  And there’s a caveat to it–it must come from a happily married woman, so that I will become a happily married woman.  I’m thinking of talking to Chris’s mom for help in solving this one–she’s a happily married woman (and has been so for years)…and can probably impart to me as much wisdom as she could luck!

Now that I’m thinking about all this–I realize I have the five-pence for my shoe, but I have no shoes yet.  I’m going to have to rectify that.  I’ll probably make comfort my #1 priority in the shoe buying.  Style will play a part, of course!!!  But I don’t think I’ll be going for some crazy heels!  I once heard advice to a bride about shoes–she was counseled to get something akin to ballet flats, that way her feet would not be killing her by the end of the day.  I might just capitalize on that advice.  We’ll see…

There’s more to do–lots more.  But I’ve still got a couple of days!!!  ~smiles~


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