Mother’s Day

I survived the weekend and the day.  Actually, it went better than I had anticipated it would.

Hannah Rose called to wish me a Happy Mother’s day–which made me feel better than great.  While on the phone she asked if Xaxu was Irish.  I told her he was Siamese; to which she replied “Irish-Siamese?” 

Chris and I spent the day at his parent’s house.  That was good all around.  We got her a bird feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited over in Ann Arbor.  There are a number of birds that come round visiting their backyard, and since she enjoys watching them so–we thought we’d give the birds some incentive to come round more often and stay so she could get even more enjoyment out of them!  Because we had beautiful Irish weather yesterday (it was raining all day long)–Chris wasn’t able to set the feeder up.  But it’s an easy set-up.  I think I could even do it!  Chris’s mom wasn’t up for going out–but it wouldn’t have been right to have her make her own dinner for Mother’s Day so we ordered take-out from Franco’s Cafe, and Chris went and got it.

Spending the day there focusing on his mom helped me to not feel my losses so keenly.  I miss my mom so much, it’s crazy.  I really wish she could have met my new family–I know she’d love Chris and Hannah Rose.  How could she not???  ~smiles~ 


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