Xaxu gets a Bath!

Xaxu got a bath last week.  I’ve not been the best at bathing him as often as I should.  (More for my allergies than for any other reason.)  But he was due.  And yes, I still bathe him and by myself.  I’ve been doing so since he was a wee kitten. 

When I took him in the bathroom, he cried plaintively.  He really did not want to go into that bathtub full of water.  But he was better behaved than usual.  He didn’t start yowling till I had him up and out of the water.  Once I had him towel dried he ran off to go fix his fur.  Being a warm day, I decided not to subject him to the added horrors of being blow-dried.  (He hates that as bad as the bathe itself!) 

Once he has half-dried and his fur had been properly combed, he latched onto my shoulder and didn’t want to leave for awhile.  He was definitely more clingly than usual–which is normal after his baths. 

I shot some pics of him all wet.  Thought Hannah Rose would get a kick out of them.  Maybe you will too!



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