Off to See the Polar Bears…

Last week on Friday I took Hannah Rose to the Detroit Zoo.  We had a good time.  We went out to lunch first, at  Pizza Hut so she could use her reading award.  Afterwards, onward to the zoo.  It was my first time at the Detroit Zoo.  I had been warned there wasn’t much shade there–and there’s not!!!  Not a good thing for a woman of my complexion.  The day was comfortable out.  Even so, the several hours I spent there with Hannah Rose netted me my first sunburn of the season.  Time to bust out the Coppertone Water Babies Sunblock SPF 50 (unless they’ve a higher SPF now!!!). 

From the get-go, she wanted to see the Polar Bears!  Since the Arctic Exhibit was at the back of the zoo, we enjoyed our rather long walk to get there!  Of course, we made a number of stops on the way.

There was a playground towards the front of the zoo that Hannah Rose had a lot of fun playing on. 

Here, she’s in the Penguinarium.   The Detroit Zoo has 3 different species of Penguins.  They were pretty active and doing a lot of swimming while we we’re there.

This is outside the Amphian House. 

You can’t really see it–but there’s a baby frog in the crown of this big gloomy frog King, and another by his front “feet.” 

Hannah Rose was awesome here–she wanted to play on the turtle, but there were other kids there before us.  She waited very patiently for her turn.  I was very proud of her!

Hannah Rose was very excited about the Reptile house.  She loved seeing all the snakes and critters.  Ugh!  (Although I will admit, my mind did flash to the scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when Harry inadvertently made the glass disappear, freeing the snake and freaking out Dudley!)  Here’s a pic of Hannah Rose by a nesting crocadile.  What’s odd is her mouth (the crocodile, NOT Hannah Rose) was open like that the whole time we were there–almost made her look fake!

Finally, we arrived at the Arctic Exhibit!!  When we got to see the Polar bears, turns out they were taking a siesta!  They were all cuddled up together, it was rather cute. 

This is what Hannah Rose looked like when we got to Grandma and Pappy’s house.  I was amazed.  I’ve never seen her just konk out in the car before.  But we had been walking around that zoo for hours, so I understood.  In order to take the picture I stopped the care, put it in park, engaged the parking break and then took the pic.  Once I turned off the engine she awoke in a flash.  Then she wanted to go out and play in the backyard! 


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