Busy Day

Have a busy day today–followed by a busy weekend. 

In just a few I’m headed out to take Hannah Rose out to lunch.  We’re going to Pizza Hut–she’s earned a free personal pizza through a reading program!  Yay! Hannah Rose.  After that we’re headed out to Northville to go a live musical version of the Velveteen Rabbit. 

After dropping her off at Chris’s parents, I’ll be meeting up with Chris here at home and then we’ll be heading off to The Twisted Shamrock.  We’re ordering our rings tonight, as well as starting our wedding registry there.

We’re hoping to get our reception site locked in this weekend as well.  I have an appt. for us to go see one venue on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night we’re going to a concert.  Sunday we’re doing more wedding planning. 

Somewhere in the midst of all of this I must remember to breathe!!!

I’m off!

Edit:  I spoke too soon!  Went to get directions to the theatre and turns out Metro Parent had the listing wrong–they’re not showing the play during the week anymore.  That was just for Spring Break, so Hannah Rose and I will head over to the Detroit Zoo after lunch since the weather’s not too fierce for me.  (Have to watch my sun exposure!!)


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  1. 12 April 2008 at 6:05 pm

    YAY on the reading program! I’m so glad they still do that! I remember working at pizza hut in my younger years and the kids were always so excited to fullfill their reading requirement!

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