Xaxu gets a Bath!

Xaxu got a bath last week.  I’ve not been the best at bathing him as often as I should.  (More for my allergies than for any other reason.)  But he was due.  And yes, I still bathe him and by myself.  I’ve been doing so since he was a wee kitten. 

When I took him in the bathroom, he cried plaintively.  He really did not want to go into that bathtub full of water.  But he was better behaved than usual.  He didn’t start yowling till I had him up and out of the water.  Once I had him towel dried he ran off to go fix his fur.  Being a warm day, I decided not to subject him to the added horrors of being blow-dried.  (He hates that as bad as the bathe itself!) 

Once he has half-dried and his fur had been properly combed, he latched onto my shoulder and didn’t want to leave for awhile.  He was definitely more clingly than usual–which is normal after his baths. 

I shot some pics of him all wet.  Thought Hannah Rose would get a kick out of them.  Maybe you will too!



Off to See the Polar Bears…

Last week on Friday I took Hannah Rose to the Detroit Zoo.  We had a good time.  We went out to lunch first, at  Pizza Hut so she could use her reading award.  Afterwards, onward to the zoo.  It was my first time at the Detroit Zoo.  I had been warned there wasn’t much shade there–and there’s not!!!  Not a good thing for a woman of my complexion.  The day was comfortable out.  Even so, the several hours I spent there with Hannah Rose netted me my first sunburn of the season.  Time to bust out the Coppertone Water Babies Sunblock SPF 50 (unless they’ve a higher SPF now!!!). 

From the get-go, she wanted to see the Polar Bears!  Since the Arctic Exhibit was at the back of the zoo, we enjoyed our rather long walk to get there!  Of course, we made a number of stops on the way.

There was a playground towards the front of the zoo that Hannah Rose had a lot of fun playing on. 

Here, she’s in the Penguinarium.   The Detroit Zoo has 3 different species of Penguins.  They were pretty active and doing a lot of swimming while we we’re there.

This is outside the Amphian House. 

You can’t really see it–but there’s a baby frog in the crown of this big gloomy frog King, and another by his front “feet.” 

Hannah Rose was awesome here–she wanted to play on the turtle, but there were other kids there before us.  She waited very patiently for her turn.  I was very proud of her!

Hannah Rose was very excited about the Reptile house.  She loved seeing all the snakes and critters.  Ugh!  (Although I will admit, my mind did flash to the scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when Harry inadvertently made the glass disappear, freeing the snake and freaking out Dudley!)  Here’s a pic of Hannah Rose by a nesting crocadile.  What’s odd is her mouth (the crocodile, NOT Hannah Rose) was open like that the whole time we were there–almost made her look fake!

Finally, we arrived at the Arctic Exhibit!!  When we got to see the Polar bears, turns out they were taking a siesta!  They were all cuddled up together, it was rather cute. 

This is what Hannah Rose looked like when we got to Grandma and Pappy’s house.  I was amazed.  I’ve never seen her just konk out in the car before.  But we had been walking around that zoo for hours, so I understood.  In order to take the picture I stopped the care, put it in park, engaged the parking break and then took the pic.  Once I turned off the engine she awoke in a flash.  Then she wanted to go out and play in the backyard! 

Concert Postponed

Have to say I’m a little bummed.  Chris was taking me to see Def Leppard in concert (in Detroit) tomorrow night.  It was to celebrate my upcoming birthday (next week….).  

Seems that Joe, the lead singer, has an upper respiratory infection.  They’ve had to postpone a number of concerts now–ours being the latest.  We won’t get to see them now until August. 

Wedding Website

We have a wedding website…I’ll still do updates here, but it’s a place where you’ll be able to go to get the whole scoop on the wedding in one place!

Here’s the addy:  www.mywedding.com/chrisandbrenda

Have to run for now.  (Oh, and I’m still building the site–so don’t despair!)

Stress Headache

I have pics of Hannah Rose on our trip to the zoo as well as some other things I will be updating here soon. 

I have a terrible stress headache right now and can’t think too well.  Had to deal with quite a bit of unexpected stress yesterday and today, and I’m paying dearly for it now.  Hopefully I can get rid of this headache this afternoon and maybe I’ll be able to post more later this evening.  We’ll see.

Busy Day

Have a busy day today–followed by a busy weekend. 

In just a few I’m headed out to take Hannah Rose out to lunch.  We’re going to Pizza Hut–she’s earned a free personal pizza through a reading program!  Yay! Hannah Rose.  After that we’re headed out to Northville to go a live musical version of the Velveteen Rabbit. 

After dropping her off at Chris’s parents, I’ll be meeting up with Chris here at home and then we’ll be heading off to The Twisted Shamrock.  We’re ordering our rings tonight, as well as starting our wedding registry there.

We’re hoping to get our reception site locked in this weekend as well.  I have an appt. for us to go see one venue on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night we’re going to a concert.  Sunday we’re doing more wedding planning. 

Somewhere in the midst of all of this I must remember to breathe!!!

I’m off!

Edit:  I spoke too soon!  Went to get directions to the theatre and turns out Metro Parent had the listing wrong–they’re not showing the play during the week anymore.  That was just for Spring Break, so Hannah Rose and I will head over to the Detroit Zoo after lunch since the weather’s not too fierce for me.  (Have to watch my sun exposure!!)

We named her Bhrianna

My heart is heavy today.  Today is the day my daughter was to be born.  Ok, Ok–I know most babies aren’t born on their due date.  Heaven knows, I wasn’t!  But I’ll never know now if she should would have been born late or early. 

I’ve been watching this date on the calendar; its presence looming and growing.  I’ve wondered how it was I’d get through the day.  Don’t misunderstand me–I’m getting through the day.  Just as I’ve gotten through every single day since I lost her.  Just as I will get through every day after this one. 

I miss her so.  I never got to hold her in my arms, never even got to see her sweet little face–and I couldn’t grieve at losing her anymore than I do.  Isn’t that odd–I never really knew her, knew the person she’d be and the loss of her is no less than those I’ve known and loved all my life.

I’m not negating all the wonderful things that are in my life now.  I just have to stop for a minute.  Remember my sweet little baby.  Not let the significance of the day go by as if it mattered not a thing.  It matters.  She matters, she always has and always will.

She was always wanted.  From the first.  A surprise, yes.  But more than wanted.  Wanted still.

I miss you sweet baby mine.  I miss you my Bhrianna. 

Ireland Bound!!!!


I have been dreaming and dreaming of going to Ireland for sooo long.  In six months, it will be a reality!!!  I will be setting foot on Irish soil, and staying there for 10 days!  (At least–I’ve been saying for as long as I’ve been wanting to go to Ireland that should I ever get there I may never leave!!!)

Excited?  Me?  No.  Beyond excited.  How often do dreams really come true?  Look at me–dreams coming true.  I’m marrying the man of my dreams–that alone is more than enough for me.  I’m getting a dream wedding.  And now a dream honeymoon.  A real honeymoon–and in Ireland!!!

This trip is a gift to Chris and I–our first wedding gift, at that!  It’s from his parents, John and Kay.  I am so grateful.  They are such kind, wonderful, and obviously generous people.  I am blessed to be able to join their family.  I owe them so much–it is their son after all who I am head over heels in love with and will be with for the rest of my days.  They could give me no greater gift than him.  This trip to Ireland, though, it ranks up there!!!! 

I have now gone past the giddy excited stage and am in stunned amazement.  The tears on my face now are tears of joy.  Could this really be my life???  It is and I am truly the luckiest woman in the world. 

John and Kay–thank you.  Thank you so much for this gift, but more thank you so much for your most wonderful son!!!  I love you both! 

Party Central

Hannah Rose’s birthday party on the 29th was a great success!  She had a lot of fun.  We did it up Tinkerbell style!  Before her party she went over to Chris’s parents house so that Chris and I could decorate and surprise her!  She was surprised and happy; especially with all the balloons!  This little girl has a love affair with balloons.  Ok, perhaps I exaggerate for effect.  But only a little.  She did mention prior to her party that she wanted to blow up balloons for her party. 

It was an afternoon party, so we had some snacks.  I made some party punch–which was quite yummy if I may say so myself.  Chris’s mom liked it too, so I must be in the right! 

Here you can see the present table, heavily laden with gifts!  (The trunk you see under it is a trunk filled to the brim with dress up items!)

I just love this shot of her.  She’s wearing the party hat I made just for her.  (Which has has since further decorated and personalized. ~smiles~)

This is the new Princess bicycle she got from her mom for her birthday.  She looks so big sitting on it!!!

Here she’s unwrapping more presents.  She stopped to take some time to draw a “map” on the chalk roll we got her.  (I bought it from a talented friend who makes them and if you’re interested in buying one, let me know and I can put both parties in touch with each other!)

Here she stopped to read the book I wrote for her, I am Beautiful Because.  She had to look at all the pictures of herself in it.  Who can resist being the star of their own book?

Some have said it looked like Christmas–and yeah, it kinda did!

Here is her Tinkerbell birthday cake.  Chocolate of course.  The original cake I was making decided to not come out of the pan all the way so I had to resort to plan B.  Which turned out better than I had expected.  Hannah Rose enjoyed all the tinkerbell on her cake–and the pink roses.

Here she is with Daddy.  I had made a mental note to myself prior to the party to get pics of her with everyone there….do you think I remembered?  Yeah…no. 

Blowing out the candles–such birthday fun!

Next year I do believe we’ll be having more than just a family party.  She’s of the age now where she’s wanting other kids to join her at her party.  Sadly, not everyone could make it to the party.  Lots of illness going around, but Hannah Rose did get to see everyone eventually I think excepting perhaps her uncle on her mom’s side. 

Good times.

Baby Got Stats!

I am the world’s biggest geek and I absolutely love this!!!!  It’s from the Johns Hopkins Dept. of Biostatistics!  You have to listen to this song!  Baby Got Stats  If you’re interested you can check out their poetry.

Math and poetry–such a beautiful combination.  I know–you don’t need to remind me.  I’m twisted–like a mobius strip!!!

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