More of the Same

OK–so I’m not really sick again.  At least that’s how I’m looking at it.  Apparently my infection has persisted even though I took all of my antibiotics as prescribed.  Had to go back into the doctor today.  He has me starting some new antibiotics.  Hopefully that will clear things up and I’ll be good as new.  Or better than new.  I’d just settle for better at this point.  lol 

Should things get worse (and now that I’m back on antibiotics they shouldn’t!)–it’s back to the ER for some more fun.  However, after my last experience there I’m seriously thinking of switching to Beaumont.  I was less than impressed with St. Joe’s.  The one in Ann Arbor is better than the one out here, in my estimation.  I will have to think on it, though.  One thing St. Joe’s has going for it is that it’s just around the corner from me.  Not sure where the Beaumont hospital is though.  My endocrinologist is through Beaumont, and I like him and the medical center there is really nice and up to date.  (And they were able to get blood out of me on the first try there, unlike at St. Joe’s). 

So, that’s that.  Had to forgo a field trip with Hannah Rose today.  (Which totally bums me out!)  Sounds like she had some fun, though.  Back to work now–have a lot of stuff still to do in preparation for Saturday’s big party. 



  1. Isabell said,

    4 April 2008 at 1:21 am

    Hopefully you are not still sick, but in case you are I wanted to pass on some information from personal experience. When I was 17, I got a UTI that didn’t quite go away with treatment. We tried 3 antibiotics before I ended up with double kidney infections from a “super bug”.

    After 5 months, countless IVPs to rule out kidney stones, and a cystoscopy, I wound up at an infectious disease specialist who put my on Levaquin. On for 2 weeks, off for 1 week, back on for 2 weeks, etc. for 2 months. I still get UTIs, which immediately turn into kidney infections To this day, Levaquin is the only drug that works for me.

    If you aren’t better yet, I urge you to get a stronger antibiotic ASAP.

  2. bren said,

    4 April 2008 at 11:40 am

    Seems I am over the UTI, but now have something else going on. My doctor says it’s viral, so antibiotics won’t fix it. Appreciate the concern and advice.

    Sorry you had to go through all that! Sounds harrowing!

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