ER Visit

First, I’m ok now. 

Had to go to the ER last night.  Got there about 10/10:30 ish.  They didn’t get me back into a room until after 1 am.  They were so slammed.  In fact, they actually closed the ER to ambulance traffic.  I knew ER’s sometimes had to do that, but I’ve never been in one while they were doing that.

They thought I had kidney stones–had to have a CT, and they put me on dilaudid I was in so much pain.  I’m a hard-stick, and it took 3 tries to start to get blood out of me…The 3rd try got some blood out, but not enough–however it was ok for an IV.  That was my left shoulder.  Then after doping me up, the nurse went into my other hand and got the rest of the blood he needed.  [Learned something new….my veins do NOT actually “roll,” what they do is when I get poked with a needle they constrict so I won’t bleed as much.  It’s a natural defense mechanism–and mine (as well as mother’s) is really really really good–which is bad when you need blood drawn, etc.]

Turns out I have a bladder infection.  No kidney stones.  They could not account for all the pain I was in.  Sent me home with some scripts.  One for pain, one for stomach spasms, and one antibiotic.

We got out of there about 5 am.  I had not slept at all.  Chris had fallen asleep here and there for a bit, but it was that light unrestful sleep that doesn’t feel like sleep; so in effect neither of us had slept.

We stop at the 24 hour pharmacy on the way home to get my scripts filled.  Had to wake up the sleeping pharmacist.  Not a good sign.

Get home, instead of the Keflex I knew I was prescribed–I had amoxocillin.  Made me angry.  We had to go back out and re-rouse the pharmacist and informed him of his mistake.  He apologized.  However, I still got the store manager’s name and am calling there today. 

After getting home now at 6 am–finally took my meds and got a few hours of sleep.

I was supposed to be going to Hannah Rose’s spring party at school today, and then watch her at karate before bringing her back home tonight.  (We’re having her for an extended weekend cause she has no school tomorrow).  Chris called her mom and she’ll drop Hannah Rose off here after karate.  (Don’t want to drive with this pain pill in my system–ultram….never heard of it before, but hey I can move now without wanting to scream!)

Think that’s everything.  Crazy….  This is what happens to my body when under too much stress.  I’m working really hard to bring my stress level down so I can stop getting sick.  Normally, I’m not one to get sick. 



  1. edwardsmom said,

    19 March 2008 at 2:13 pm

    YOUCH!! Im glad you are ok!!

  2. 29 March 2008 at 1:42 am

    The one thing that practicing pharmacy NEVER does to me is put me to sleep! I’ve worked nights at my present job, which is a hospital job, and no way is there enough peace to have me slip off to dreamland. Perhaps the pharmacy you patronized should consider discontinuing its night shift. If the pharmacist has time to fall asleep, then (s)he can’t justify being open.

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