Ethnic Potluck

Kelly kicked my butt this morning for not updating on the Ethnic Potluck.  I’ve been crazy busy and not updating as much as I should, and I will work on doing better! 

 The Ethnic Potluck was great!  Prior to the Potluck itself, there were a bunch of activity tables set up for the kids in the halls.  Hannah Rose had a lot of fun.  She made macaroni necklaces for herself, her mom (who was there with us), and for me!  Mine happened to have a lot of green and orange–I told her it was beautiful and that I loved the Irish colours.  I wore it that day, and it now lives on the China Cabinet door. 

What you really want is pictures, isn’t it?  Here they are:

Here’s Hannah Rose at the beginning of her feast!  There really was a lot of food and a lot of choices!


 She’s showing off her quesadilla in this next shot…you can see her full plate there.  She ate quite a lot, but she didn’t finish her plate–no surprise with all that food on there!


Here’s Hannah Rose with her friend N.  He used to be in her class last year, but isn’t this year.  She picked this table to sit at so she could sit near him.


After the meal, the school had brought in a harpist who played a lot of different songs incorporating stuff from all over the world.


Here’s Hannah Rose dancing to one of the songs:


Afterwards, the kids could come up with a parent or teacher and were allowed to strum the harp.  Hannah Rose actually got to strum it twice cause she was so quick on the draw I didn’t get any pics the first time!  The harpist was really nice about that!


All in all, we had a great day.  Hannah Rose liked her Irish Soda bread, and a million other things as well.


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