When Taking Your Kids to the Dentist

I told my friend, Lesley, that I was going to take a leaf out of her book and post about this!  We recently had a friend who took her daughter to the dentist; and her daughter was restrained without her knowledge or permission!!!

NEVER leave your child alone at the dentist’s office!!!  Always insist on being present with them.  If you’re not allowed to be with your child, then take your child and leave!

Here’s some links on the types of restraints that dentists are using–basically a straight-jacket for kids called a “papoose.”

Papoose Boards 1

Papoose Boards 2

Papoose Boards 3


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  1. debhgn said,

    5 March 2008 at 6:54 am

    Thanks for posting about this practice by ugly greedy dentists. I’ve tired to put up as much info as I can and the more people who post this abuse all over the internet the better off our children will be. Each day I spend hours reading, searching and connecting dots trying to expose all of this and post it all on my blog at debbiehagan.blogspot.com. I also post all video and news reports I can find at youtube.com/debhgn.

    Thanks for posting and passing this info on and let’s keep the chain going. I had a 16 year old contact me that was so upset over this, he said it gave him nightmares. He’s been a gem and created a graphic for this cause as one way to help out. He’s a very good cartoonist I must say.

    Thanks again for keeping this info at the forefront and please invest time to check out my entire blog. There’s a lot of info there. It’s a mess but info and news breaks so quickly it’s hard to keep any organization.

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