More Kid-isms!

Hannah Rose decided to start counting.  She was counting how old Xaxu is today (11) and then decided to keep counting how old he would be.  After 39, she said 30-10, 30-11, 30-12….I told her 30-10 was 40.  So she counted through the forties.  When she got to 49, it then became 40-10.  Told her 40-10 was 50.  Counted through the fifties, and yes…you guessed it 59, 50-10!  Told her 50-10 was 60.  Have to love the logic!!!

Then later she tells me that boys have a noggin and girls have a be.  I ask her what a noggin is, and she says, “I don’t know.”  I ask her what a be is and she says it’s in her head.  I ask if I have a be…and she says yes, it’s in your head.  She tells me she learned this at her Waldorf school.  By this point, I’m like—huh????

She then elaborates on her own…a little boy at Waldorf bumped her with his head, and the teacher said, “You hit her with your noggin.  Leave her be.” 

I tried explaining that noggin is another word for head, and that everyone has a noggin.  No.  Only boys have noggins.  I tried explaining that leaving someone be means to not bother them…like we were leaving Xaxu be at the moment.  She seemed to accept that, but at the same time is still adamant that boys have noggins and girls have bes. 

More?  Ok!  So she’s colouring  and putting stickers in her Tinkerbell journal–she calls it her journey.  And she’s named it Albert–like the good monster in the book we read last night.  So it’s her journal of her journey named Albert filled with little girl drawings.