Birthday Surprise #1

Hannah Rose saw her new dresser and nightstand this evening when she got home.  (They’re awesome birthday gifts from Chris’s parents, John and Kay!!!)  I got a short video of her when she first entered her room and saw them.  (I was hiding in her room.)  She was too cute.  Immediately she starts personalizing both of them.  I had her fairies in the wrong order so she had to correct them.  Then she put her basket of baby stuff on the shelf of her nightstand!  She went through her drawers to see where all her clothes now live.  She was able to open and close the drawers by herself just fine.  (And they have drawer stops on them so we’re not afraid of them falling out on her.) 

She’s looking forward to her birthday party tomorrow.  Here’s the video and pics from this evening:









Party Prep–UPDATED

Party prep is in full swing in spite of how I’m feeling.  (Not well.  Had to discontinue my antibiotics–side-effects, of course!)  Trying to avoid having to go in to see the doctor this weekend.  Crossing my fingers.

 Cake is in the oven and due to come out soon.  While it’s cooling I’ll make the icing, and then decorate it–which is going to take me more than a few minutes.  hahaha.

The house is pretty much in order.  I have to hide the wrapped presents.  There’s more on my to-do list, but I won’t bore you with all the pretty details.

Chris’s parents got Hannah Rose a new dresser and bedside table that match her wonderful bed!  (They are wonderfully generous–his parents!!!)  The pieces are gorgeous!  We’ve got those in place, and I put bows on them since Hannah Rose will see them tonight when she comes home with Daddy.  Charging the camera battery now so I’ll be ready to take lots of pictures tonight and tomorrow. 

 Back to the grindstone I go!!!  Just thought I’d drop in and say a quick hi! to y’all!!!  Happy Friday, by the way!

UPDATE:  Was going to do a Tinkerbell “head” cake–which would have taken me hours to decorate.  Did a practice one last month and it was all good.  Not all good today.  Tinkerbell’s face decided to stick inside the pan.  No idea why–maybe because this was important to me and it wasn’t practice.  Who knows?!?  So having to plan B the cake.  I’m still going to make sure she has a wonderful cake for her party, but at this rate, it’s not going to be home-made.  So, I’m off to search for a chocolate cake, cause she specifically said she wanted a chocolate cake.  Wish me luck.  I really need it today!!

 UPDATE 2:  I have a cake.  Chocolate at that.  Perhaps the day is going better now.  ~sighs~  OK–back to work.

More of the Same

OK–so I’m not really sick again.  At least that’s how I’m looking at it.  Apparently my infection has persisted even though I took all of my antibiotics as prescribed.  Had to go back into the doctor today.  He has me starting some new antibiotics.  Hopefully that will clear things up and I’ll be good as new.  Or better than new.  I’d just settle for better at this point.  lol 

Should things get worse (and now that I’m back on antibiotics they shouldn’t!)–it’s back to the ER for some more fun.  However, after my last experience there I’m seriously thinking of switching to Beaumont.  I was less than impressed with St. Joe’s.  The one in Ann Arbor is better than the one out here, in my estimation.  I will have to think on it, though.  One thing St. Joe’s has going for it is that it’s just around the corner from me.  Not sure where the Beaumont hospital is though.  My endocrinologist is through Beaumont, and I like him and the medical center there is really nice and up to date.  (And they were able to get blood out of me on the first try there, unlike at St. Joe’s). 

So, that’s that.  Had to forgo a field trip with Hannah Rose today.  (Which totally bums me out!)  Sounds like she had some fun, though.  Back to work now–have a lot of stuff still to do in preparation for Saturday’s big party. 

Daily Wrinkle

“Education forms the common mind. Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.”

~Alexander Pope, 1688-1744

Daily Wrinkle

“Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity.”

~L. Frank Baum, 1856-1919 

Fostering Imagination

We want to foster imagination and creativity in Hannah Rose.  To further that aim, we’ve been doing some things differently of late.  We have drastically reduced her screen-time (all tv, movie, computer, video game time combined) to no more than 1 -2 hours a day.  That’s the max–there are days when she has zero screen-time.  We’ve also decided to curb some of the Disneyana that we were buying her.  We’re still buying her some Disney products–but we’ve decided that those products will be things that won’t necessarily help her re-create a Disney movie.  For instance, she’s getting a Disney Princess kite–it’s still Disney, but it’s a kite.  It doesn’t really matter what’s on a kite cause you run in a park with it and fly it.  (Or a beach…)

I can’t say this has been the easiest thing to do.  It hasn’t been.  It’s been a big adjustment for all of us.  I see Tinkerbell or Disney Princess whatever–and I’m wanting to buy it for her!  I know she’ll like it…but then I take a deep breath, and think about what’s best for her.  If that doesn’t work, Chris drags me away from whatever is calling to me at the moment.  We’re working on introducing new toys and new ways to play. 

Reducing screen-time hasn’t been the easiest either.  We’re getting more used to it and establishing new routines.  I think once it’s a bit warmer and we’re outside playing more, it’ll be even easier.  (Can you say swimming pool?  Yes! we have one and I plan for us to take great advantage of it!)  It’s just too easy first thing in the morning when neither Chris nor I are fully awake, and she is, to put on some cartoons for her to watch.  The television is easy entertainment. 

However, I do believe our efforts are beginning to pay off!  We had Hannah Rose for an extended weekend this past weekend due to her Easter break.  I’m noticing a difference in her play.  Wednesday I printed up some Easter colouring pages for her.  She had fun colouring and decorating them.  (She really enjoys art projects.)  Then, instead of going the easy route and turning on the tv while we waited for Chris to get home–I asked her to tell me a story about the little girl in the drawing.  I got a whole half hour of stories and songs for the asking!  The next morning she was telling me even more stories about the little girl she christened, “Wendy.”

To create her stories, she wove laces of reality, books, movies, songs, and things she pulled out of the air.  This is creativity.  Creativity is more than merely fashioning something out of nothing.  It also entails taking what is and combining it in ways that give rise to new forms.  This is the beginning of “thinking outside the box.”  She’s making her own songs; lyrics and melodies.  When she sits at our electronic piano, she hears the tune the demo plays–and then makes up her own songs and harmonies to go with it.  Granted, she’s no Mozart (who is these days?)–but I love the creativity! 

She even went on a camel hunt with Chris this past weekend.  At one point Chris was a camel–but then she also found two more camels that weren’t Chris.  Who knew camels lived in our house?! 

We can still see the effect of Disney and movies on her play, and that’s ok.  We don’t mind it having some effect–we just don’t want that to become a limiting box on her imagination and creativity.  So sometimes when we go down to the basement, we walk into Tir na nOg.  I become the fairy Rosetta, and she’s Tinkerbell.  At other times, we’re being chased by evil cheese and the Rock Monsters in the basement save us.  I can live with Tinkerbell and Rock Monsters in the basement.  After all, the greatest crime would be that the basement is only and always ever just a basement.

This video is from Wednesday night when she was telling me stories about “Wendy.” 

Happy Easter!

We had lots of fun this Easter.  Saturday night we coloured Easter Eggs.  We went to our church’s Easter Service on Saturday afternoon with Chris’s dad.  Sunday Chris’s parents came over for Easter Dinner.  There was no wanting of Easter goodies in our home this year.  (Chris’s parents got Hannah Rose one of those HUGE baskets!)  Even Chris’s parents got some Easter Candy from See’s.  (Chris and I special ordered some See’s candies–they are no See’s Stores here in MI.  I hadn’t had See’s candies in years!)

Hannah Rose got to wear her special Easter Dress.  She picked it out herself from the Children’s Place.  In fact, she saw the dress across the store and made a beeline for it!  She wasn’t interested in looking or even considering other dresses.  This was the dress for her!

We had a good Easter, and we hope you all did too!!












Daily Wrinkle

“God forbid that any book should be banned. The practice is as indefensible as infanticide.”

~Rebecca West, 1892-1983

Harry Potter Bible

Last week I finally found my display case down in the basement.  Once I found my display case I put my autographed Harry Potter book out.  (That was my first birthday present from Chris!) 

When Hannah Rose arrived Wednesday night, she was scoping the place with her eagle eyes looking for any changes in anything.  She noticed my book and asked, “Is that a Harry Potter Bible?”

Uh……no.  It’s a Harry Potter book signed by the author.  “Oh.” 

I should have asked what a Harry Potter Bible is….but I didn’t.  Where that came from–your guess is as good as mine!

ER Visit

First, I’m ok now. 

Had to go to the ER last night.  Got there about 10/10:30 ish.  They didn’t get me back into a room until after 1 am.  They were so slammed.  In fact, they actually closed the ER to ambulance traffic.  I knew ER’s sometimes had to do that, but I’ve never been in one while they were doing that.

They thought I had kidney stones–had to have a CT, and they put me on dilaudid I was in so much pain.  I’m a hard-stick, and it took 3 tries to start to get blood out of me…The 3rd try got some blood out, but not enough–however it was ok for an IV.  That was my left shoulder.  Then after doping me up, the nurse went into my other hand and got the rest of the blood he needed.  [Learned something new….my veins do NOT actually “roll,” what they do is when I get poked with a needle they constrict so I won’t bleed as much.  It’s a natural defense mechanism–and mine (as well as mother’s) is really really really good–which is bad when you need blood drawn, etc.]

Turns out I have a bladder infection.  No kidney stones.  They could not account for all the pain I was in.  Sent me home with some scripts.  One for pain, one for stomach spasms, and one antibiotic.

We got out of there about 5 am.  I had not slept at all.  Chris had fallen asleep here and there for a bit, but it was that light unrestful sleep that doesn’t feel like sleep; so in effect neither of us had slept.

We stop at the 24 hour pharmacy on the way home to get my scripts filled.  Had to wake up the sleeping pharmacist.  Not a good sign.

Get home, instead of the Keflex I knew I was prescribed–I had amoxocillin.  Made me angry.  We had to go back out and re-rouse the pharmacist and informed him of his mistake.  He apologized.  However, I still got the store manager’s name and am calling there today. 

After getting home now at 6 am–finally took my meds and got a few hours of sleep.

I was supposed to be going to Hannah Rose’s spring party at school today, and then watch her at karate before bringing her back home tonight.  (We’re having her for an extended weekend cause she has no school tomorrow).  Chris called her mom and she’ll drop Hannah Rose off here after karate.  (Don’t want to drive with this pain pill in my system–ultram….never heard of it before, but hey I can move now without wanting to scream!)

Think that’s everything.  Crazy….  This is what happens to my body when under too much stress.  I’m working really hard to bring my stress level down so I can stop getting sick.  Normally, I’m not one to get sick. 

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