Remember this?

Last week was the parent interview and observation of Hannah Rose at the Detroit Waldorf school.  We just got the news….she’s been accepted!!!  

 I am sooo excited!!!!  Not just me–but all around we’re excited!!!

 Nancy’s going to have Chris tell Hannah Rose the good news this afternoon! 

For the observation, Hannah Rose spent half the day with the current kindergarten class.  The following day was parent-teacher conferences…and the kindergarten teacher said that the parents of all the girls were asking, “Who’s Hannah?”  lol!!!  She’s a charmer all right!!! 

 Did I mention I’m excited??? 

She is going to get such a GREAT education!!! 

Addendum–Chris told Hannah Rose over the phone this afternoon that she’d be going to Detroit Waldorf for Kindergarten and she was so excited she couldn’t really concentrate at Karate!  Turns out, right after her observation at Waldorf she told her mom that she wanted Waldforf to be her kindergarten, and has been talking about it since.  Hannah Rose called me this evening before going to bed and the first thing out of her mouth was “Waldorf is going to be my kindergarten!”  She’s rather excited. 


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