Governmental Efficiency

Yes, I know that’s a paradox; a Utopian idea.  HOWEVER,  I got my passport today.

 I applied for it 15 days ago–including weekends and President’s Day.

I was told it would be 6-8 weeks before I got it, but 2 weeks!  Not bad!  And I didn’t even pay for express processing. 

So I can now legally leave (and re-enter) the country!  WooHoo!  I’ve been to Mexico…but I’ve yet to set foot in Canada, and I only live minutes away from it!  Maybe I can convince Chris that we should go to Canada if for no other reason than i can say I’ve been to Canada.  (He’s not too impressed with Canada…)

And maybe, just maybe….my dream of going to Ireland will become a reality.  I know Chris would like to take me there for our honeymoon–but we’ve a wedding to pay for, and a little girl to put through private school (hopefully–we’ll know soon if she gets accepted to the Detroit Waldorf School).

If only the rest of the government could be so efficient….  A girl can dream, can’t she???


1 Comment

  1. deafmomof2boys said,

    21 February 2008 at 1:24 am

    But…but…but… tell Chris to take you to Canada!!! I have been to Canada 3 times and I loved it EVERY time!

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