Happy Anniversary, John and Kay!!!

I’m still feeling under the weather, which is saying a lot considering how low the temperature is out!!!  Still, today is a very special day and I couldn’t let it pass without saying anything about it.

I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day…ok, so since today is Valentine’s Day, I’m not talking strictly about Valentine’s Day.  I’m talking about what happened on Valentine’s Day, and not just on any Valentine’s Day–but Valentine’s Day 38 years ago:  Chris’s parents, John and Kay, were married.

That’s right!  Today is their 38th Wedding Anniversary! 

38 years together–that’s quite an accomplishment!  It’s also a legacy Chris and I are planning to continue.  (Of course, it would be rather dumb of us to go into a marriage planning on breaking up in a few years or what have you!!!  lol) 

We won’t be seeing them to give them our congratulations and good wishes for another 38 years in person, today.  (We care about them too much to get them sick!)  We’re very happy for them, and dare I say–proud that they’ve been able to make it together this far in spite of all of life’s difficulties!  It’s AWESOME!

 Happy Anniversary John and Kay!!!!  We love you and are looking forward to celebrating many many more anniversaries with you!!!!


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