Valentine’s Day Early

I know Thursday is Valentine’s Day, but since Hannah Rose will be with her mother that day, we decided to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit today.  I picked up Hannah Rose this morning.  After having lunch here at home with Chris (she was so excited to have lunch with Daddy!) she and I got to work!  First, we started on our Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

Unsurprisingly, Hannah Rose wanted pink frosting.  Here she is helping me mix the white frosting with red food colouring to turn it pink: 



Here she is helping to make the batter, put the cupcake liners in the pan, and with a batch of chocolate cupcakes ready for the oven:

0046-2.jpg 0048-2.jpg 053-2.jpg

 While the cupcakes are baking, Hannah Rose was going to town making her own Valentine’s Day Cards.  She decided to go with Shrek.  (BTW–these aren’t for school, these are for family)


 Once the cupcakes cooled, we started decorating them.  I frosted them, and Hannah Rose put on the sprinkles.  Pink on pink.  Not a surprise, really!  This girl loves her pink!!!  I was a bit surprised (pleasantly) that she didn’t completely cover the cupcakes in sprinkles.

0061-2.jpg 065-2.jpg

 Enjoying the fruits of our labour (after dinner, of course!):


Hannah Rose sees Daddy brining in something she really really wants!


 It’s her very own Valentine Lady Bug!  Along with a Valentine’s Day card and chocolate (Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without chocolate, right???). 


 She then gave us the card she had made for us.  And that was our Valentine’s Day early.  Hannah Rose is now sleeping all snuggled up with her new bug.  (The name of which is up in the air–might be Buggy, or Tinkerbell.)


1 Comment

  1. johnswife04 said,

    11 February 2008 at 10:58 am

    Aww! Looks like you guys had a great early Valentines Day! 🙂

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