I’m Still Here!

Haven’t written in a few days cause I ended up sick.  Not sure what I had going on–sore throat, ear ache, cough, and fever.  But it’s passed now.  Thankfully!  Ended up not going to school on Wednesday.  Wasn’t too happy about that.  I ended up missing a couple of quizzes.  ~sigh~  I really need to bring down my stress level.  Think that’s why I got sick.

However, being sick did afford me some Xbox 360 time.  Granted, I only played for a few hours–but hey!  I haven’t played in awhile.  Played some Oblivion.  I earned a couple of achievements and some gamer points, too.

My character, Matthias, started out as a lowly escaped prisoner.  (As do all Oblivion characters.)  He worked his way up the Thieves’ Guild, the Arena, the Mages’ Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood.  He’s working his way up the Fighters’ Guild and the Court of Madness now.   He’s also contemplating becoming a Knight of the Nine and he was just inducted into the Blades for rescuing Martin, the heir.  He closed his first Oblivion gate.  Now to retrieve the Amulet of Kings.

I know for many of you—that’s too much geekdom!!!  So I’ll leave it at that! 

Didn’t get much housework or studying done the last few days so I’ve got lots and lots to get to!!!


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