No Water

Chris and I discovered last night that about midnight that we had no water.  Chris checked the basement first to see if there were any burst pipes and leaking water.  (Ever since that burst pipe on my first Christmas here, which ruined half of my stuff, I am paranoid about burst pipes and flooding!)  No evidence of any burst pipes or flooding in our basement!  Thank God!!!

Since we don’t pay water directly–the condo association does, we called them.  The operator of the emergency line was going to get in touch with the property manager–and it might not have got dealt with until 8:30 this morning because there was no leaking water.

 So I called Bloomfield Township water dept.  When I got ahold of someone and told her that my water was out, she asked if I lived near Square Lake and Woodward.  Uh-huh, I do!  Turns out they had a water main bust and they were working on it…had been working on it since 10 pm. 

I get up this morning and it seems at first that we have water again.  Toilet flushes, water (and a lot of air) rushes out, and it all seems to be ok.  I go into the kitchen to feed Xaxu (Yes–he still demands that I feed him first thing every morning.)  There’s no water in the kitchen.  I check the front bathroom.  No water. 

 I call the Water dept. again.  Tell a different woman I have no water.  She asks if I live in the (name of my condo complex).  That would be a yes.  It’s the water main break–she has no estimate as to when it will be fixed.  I did get a more exact location on the break.  It’s a street on the other side of Square Lake from us. 

I’m not without water–we happened to have a gallon of bottled water in the house.  Will probably need to get more, though.  Hope it’s fixed soon, but who knows???



  1. Catherine said,

    26 January 2008 at 5:40 pm

    Hi bren,

    Oh, I don’t even want to HEAR about broken water pipes happening to you again!!!!! That was a nightmarish Christmas for all of us. Only good thing was that you got to live at a nice hotel for three days! 🙂
    I’ll never forget the housing manager saying that they had a free apt. in the same building which you could have or we could move you to Baker’s Commons which didn’t have hot water baseboard heat! We both looked at each other and knew we would be moving you to Baker’s Common!!! DUHHHHHHHHH! Days of cleaning up what we could
    save from the flood and the ‘Rainforest’ was enough for all of us.

    Sorry to hear about your friend who has cancer. 2007 seems to have turned out to be a lousy year for just about everyone I know!


  2. bren said,

    26 January 2008 at 6:27 pm

    I know! I know!!! That’s part of why I was so paranoid that night! Fortunately, it was NOT our pipes. I never ever want to go through something like that again!!!! But, as far as that goes all is well. Knock on wood!!!

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