Got my car back

Got my car back from Saturn last night.  I was supposed to have had it back on Monday, but when they went to fix the thermostat some intake tube or something like that broke during the repair process and they didn’t have one in stock so I had to wait till the next day (yesterday) for it to come in.  Wish it hadn’t cost so much to fix, though.  (They did an oil change, 60000 mile inspection, replaced the thermostat, spark plugs, and flushed the coolant system.)

Good news is that the light that would come on when I first started my car when it was cold did NOT come on this morning!!  Yay! 

With morning temperatures of 15 degrees when I’m leaving, I’m still dreaming of a remote starter.  However, that’s something that’s going to have to stay on “the list” for awhile. 


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