Friendship Salad

Last Thursday after the tour at the Detroit Waldorf School, I took Hannah Rose to preschool and spent the day there with her.  Before heading over there, we went to one of my favourite shops located in downtown Ferndale, The Twisted Shamrock (  Before we even got out of the car, Hannah Rose was saying how she wanted to buy her daddy something from the store.  She was particularly interested in a some of the Santas, namely the one sitting at the beach with a sand castle.  She didn’t buy her daddy a santa.  Instead, she bought him a flat silver “rock” with a shamrock on it.  That way he could carry it in his pocket and when he felt it, he could think of her.  She also got a “rock” with a shamrock and ladybug in it. 


At school, the kids made Friendship Salad (Fruit Salad) and shared it with other classes in the cafegymitorium. 

Then it was story-time!  They lucked out and got two stories…Going on A Bear Hunt and Ten in Bed!

 After sitting for so long, the kids needed to run so they got to play “Duck, Duck, Goose!”  Hannah Rose was getting impatient at not being picked, but she was picked and got her turn at being “it”. 


Then it was time to head back to the classroom where they practiced writing their name and colouring a “friendship quilt.”  Each kid got to colour a “square” and then they will be put together to form a friendship quilt.

I dropped her back off at her mom’s and she thanked me for going to school with her then wished me a Happy New Year before I left!  ~smiles~ 


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  1. 27 January 2008 at 5:25 pm

    cuteness overload!!

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