Detroit Waldorf

I visited the Detroit Waldorf School today with Nancy.  Both she and Chris have been to the school before.  Today’s visit was the orientation/tour.  It’s the beginning process of applying for acceptance to the school.

Let me just say at the outset–I love this school!!!!  I so want Hannah Rose to be able to attend it! 

The school is beautiful.  See:

And that’s just the outside!! 

When we got there this morning there were some kids playing outside.  Yes, even in the snow!!!  It was great to see!

This school is more than beautiful, though.  I really like their philosophy and the way they teach.  Classes are small–20 kids at most.  Teachers follow students from 1st grade through 8th grade.  The arts–music, poetry, drama, movement are all emphasized and used as teaching tools.  She’d be learning Spanish and German.  She’d learn how to play a recorder in 1st grade, violin in 3rd grade, and in 5th grade would pick a permanent orchestra instrument.  Imagination and creativity are more than encouraged here–they flourish!!!

Concerning language arts–they don’t work on teaching little kids to read immediately.  Instead they teach them stories with rich vocabulary.  So when they do start to learn to read they’re able to read the words and the meaning behind the words.  You know, that just might be my favourite part of the school–the way they approach language arts!!!

The students have no computers in this school.  It’s old-school at school.  (Like they can’t learn computers at home!!!  lol)

There’s no cafegymitorium either.  Kids all brown-bag it and eat in the classrooms.  No vending machines.  No soda machines.  They have a small but elaborate and beautiful theatre space.  They hold their plays, concerts, and assemblies there. 

I think this school would be an ideal fit for Hannah Rose.  She’s so imaginitive, creative, and has such an affinity for music already. 

To find out more about the school yourself go to their website at


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