Back in the Game

Started back at school today.  I’m going part-time, 6 units.  I’m taking Western Civ II and Intro to Philosophy.  Have had both instructors before and I like them both a lot.  Classes went well today and I’m expecting the semester to go very very well. 

Of course, I have homework already.  But I was expecting that! 

The drive home was actually better than the drive there this morning.  I’m thinking it’s because the roads were a bit icier this morning than they were this afternoon.  The drive is a little over an hour long, one way.  Fortunately, I only have to do it twice a week!  Yay for that!  It’s kinda weird getting up at 6 am and being out of the house at 7 am.  Not something I’ve had to do for some time now.  I might get used to it soon.  Then again, I am a night owl by nature so I might just end up tolerating it!  Who knows???


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